Saturday, February 2, 2013

After Party By Polish Addict By Laura Sanchez Is Officially A Party In A Bottle!

I am pretty sure this is the most PACKED glitterbomb of an indie I have seen...ever.  Like, ever. (Thank you, Taylor Swift).

Bottle shot!


This is After Party by Polish Addict by Laura Sanchez that she so very kindly sent me to review for yall.  I went to the store to look for a description of the polish - it's literally stuffed full of diff glitters - and even the store description just describes it as a glitterbomb, LOL.  Yep, pretty much.  Wanna see?

First, to get a good look, is After Party of Confetti Wedding White.  2 coats of WW, 2 coats of AP.  I def did dab a little with AP and move the glitters around, but there are literally SO many that I felt like I was almost designing my nails and not only just painting them...know what I mean? LOVE ittttt!


Close up?  Why yes!



After Party has: bar glitters, star glitter, black circles, hexes, shreds, an occasional pop of purple, more bar glitter, more stars, and more hexes.  Got that?

Next, I put After Party of Zoya Wednesday.  I like the idea of showing you a polish over a pastel and a neon, to give you a good look of the differences that show up. PS: I actually did this swatch first, and didnt realize how bad my cuticles looked...Sigh. I seriously need a cuticle miracle cream. Any suggestions?




Lastly, After Party on China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy.  I love all the combos, but neons are always awesome with glitter..I love this.






You can find her on Big Cartel here, and on Facebook here for more upcoming polishes!  They all look soo pretty and are very reasonably priced for indies!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I hear that Burt Bees Lemon Butter Cream is the thing for cuticles but I haven't got any of my own yet to back that up.

    Thank you for the lovely swatches!

  2. LOOOVE it! Especially over Wednesday.


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