Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vacation Nails! 3 Very Different Looks Recapped!!

From December 19-28th, I was travelling around the east coast, seeing friends in Boston, friends in Providence, family in Connecticut, and friends from Connecticut, too.  I def did my nails less than usual, but I obviously still did them!  I can't walk about spreading the good word of My Boyfriend Hates Makeup while sporting jacked up, plain, cracked fingernails, can I?

In the mighty words of Cher Horowitz: As If!

LOL, so I have three quick peeks at the looks I did while on vacation.  I only brought a couple polishes with me, so I had to purchase a few more while I was home...not that I minded, haha.

Take a look!

Look #1

First up is what I wore when I left Texas and traveled.  For my first few days, I was staying with college friends and partying, so I didn't want to do anything to my nails.  I left this mani on for 5 whole days - oh, my goodness!  That's practically a record now.

This is a base of NYC New York Color Cosmetics Mulberry Street with L'Oreal Silver Sparkle and Lynnderella Love, Lace, and Lilacs.  It reminded me of falling snow, which I hoped would stay on my nails and NOT under my feet while I was on the east coast!!!



Look #2

For my first costume change, LOL, I chose a new polish I picked up in Connecticut.  This is Julie Island Shimmer with CQ Slate as an accent nail.  There is no base coat shown, but a layer of Seche on top.  This was my Christmas Look.


Look #3

Lastly, once I realized the temps weren't going anywhere about 40 degrees, I decided to rebel against the weather with this awesome bubblegum pink.  This is Maybelline Pinkalicious.  Maybelline polishes are quite the economical little powerhouses. I def suggest trying a color or two!


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  1. That white glitter polish is so pretty and looks really cool layered over the gold glitters. I love it.


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