Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Prize Pack and Indie Review!! Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Santa Baby

I won the most amaaaazing prize from Wishes of A Blue Eyed Girl!!  Thank you thank you.

You must go like her FB page and follow her blog because she is sweet and generous aaaand makes great polishes!  I'm excited about every.single.item and polish here!!!!


Yes, that's a Lynn you see!  Happy Holo-Daze, a Color Club Green Holo, chocolates, a Sally Snowman, Sunnys Miracle cuticle balm in Christmas Cookie, Girly Bits Eggnoggaholic, Gingersnap cookie lipbalm, and - LOOK at those minis - 6 of her own creations!!!!!!  I love them all and can't wait to show you every one.

Today, tomorrow, Friday, AND Saturday, I am going to show you 4 of 6 of my fabulous Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers!!!!!!

First, a holiday polish!

This is Santa Baby:


There are fine silver, green, and red glitters, bigger red and green hexes, and an occasional white heart.  See the heart on my pointer finger?  Look at that instead of my cuticles, mmkay? :)


I cannot find her store and I am going to email and ask if she has one, but among the prize items, she included some of her own creations!!


 This is 3 coats of Santa Baby by itself!  The formula is perfect, the glitters are evenly distributed and require zero fishing or placement.  I added a coat of Seche and it was perfectly smooth!


Find Wishes of A Blue Eyed Girl on:

Her Blog

And I have more beauties to show you soon!!


  1. Omg, I <3 you so much for this! :D Thanks for pimping my blog, lol. I don't have a shop because I just enjoy making polish for fun without stress. I do, however, often include my polishes in giveaways or as ROAKs. :) I'm so glad you liked them!

  2. Yay congrats! FYI chocolate Santa's are my FAVE! What a great win.I really like Santa Baby too :)


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