Friday, January 4, 2013

OPI Berlin There, Done That & Femme Fatale Lacquer Shore-Ly Romantic!

I am loving this beachy, spring-like, girly combo!

First, to refresh your memory from yesterday, here is OPI's Berlin There, Done That:


It's a super pretty, quite surprising, color changer that looks brown in natural right and shows as a cement-like color above.

I added my FAVORITE INDIE OF THE YEAR, Femme Fatale Lacquer's Shore-ly Romantic to glorious results:


The pic above is taken outside, as they all are, with just one glitter packed coat of Shore-ly Romantic.  On the site, SR is described as:

"SHORE-LY ROMANTIC - This polish was inspired by my recent Puerto Rico trip at the beach!  Clear base with extra fine pink, assorted sizes of greens and blue glitters. "


The photo in the middle is taken in the shade and the top and bottom shots are in direct sunlight.  Femme Fatale Lacquers formula is perfect, it's 3-free, and the owner is lovely!

You can find Femme Fatale here!


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  1. Ahhh, I want Berlin There Done That but I feel like I have dupes of it. I just love that nail polish color though...

  2. I dont have anything similar, esp such a cool changing in diff lights type of color. You may need this one ;)


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