Thursday, January 3, 2013

OPI: Berlin There, Done That - Color Changing Greige/Mushroom Polish

What color is this?!!?

Well, it's technically Berlin There, Done That, by OPI, but it has very different looks under different lighting!  I was going to show you what I added on top of this (Femme Fatale's Shore-ly Romantic), but I decided to give BTDT it's own post first.

Check it out!

First, normal light. Inside. No flash. No filters:


Not bad, right?
Let's add a flash:


Yes, this is the SAME color. I promise you this!!

 It looks so brown without the flash, but under an intense light, it shows as a pure cement colored grey. I hadn't used this before since I didn't think it was too special - it's got a decent formula and is from the Germany Collection, obviously, but I am def going to pick this up again.

Check out one more set of pics to compare!

No flash:


With some fake light:


I didn't expect this and I am pretty sure I need to pick up my few OPIs more often to see if any are this special in disguise!

Check back tomorrow to see Femme Fatale's Shore-ly Romantic on top for a pretty beachy look!

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Lacey J.

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