Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Spirit Fingers: Mermaid - Indie Review (This Is Amaazing!)

Mermaid, by My Spirit Fingers, is one of my newest favorites!!

Let's look, then chat:


Oooh, aaahh!

Where do I even begin?  Well, first I should tell you that this is Mermaid over two coats of butterLONDON Fiver, from the Spring 2013 Sweetie Shop Collection, and it's lovely.

Mermaid has mini hexes in rainbow colors, and even more itty bitty hexes in more rainbow colors.  It applies like a dream and would look good over ANY color.  I am in love with this combo, so here are a few more pics!

This it outside in full sun:


Indirect sun:


So many colors!


I wanted to see it over black and white as well, because I knew the rainbow effect was going to be outstanding. As usual, I am right. The black is Maybelline Onyx Rush and the white is Confetti Wedding White:



Isn't this gorgeous?


You can find Dona of My Spirit Fingers and ordering details on her Facebook page!  Tell her Lacey from MBHM sent you :)


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