Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Spirit Fingers - Grape Soda: Indie Review!

Today and tomorrow I have two super cute polishes to show you from an indie company named My Spirit Fingers!  Find them on Facebook with the link and find order details there.  Dona specializes in doing team colors! :)

Today I have Grape Soda, a purple square glitter topcoat, and tomorrow I will show you Mermaid, a multi colored glitter.  For the pics below, I used two coats of the base color, and two coats of the MSF polish, and no topcoat.

This is MSF Grape Soda over Confetti Wedding White. Grape Soda has purple squares, black squares, silver mini bars, silver hexes, and more.


This polish applies like a dream. Zero fishing or placement required! I am impressed with the formula - and the cute labels :) You know I am a sucker for labels/boxes/cute packaging!


Another shot over white:


I also wanted a comparable color, so I used two coats of Grape Soda over Zoya Malia:


As you can see, Grape Soda has a very few red and blue hexes too, a cute added punch of color:



You can find My Spirit Fingers on Facebook HERE!


I wanted to get to know the woman behind the label a little more, so I asked Dona a few questions and she very graciously answered!  I love this idea and hope to ask the same about more polish makers so we can all get familiar with the faces and stories behind the labels!

Here are my questions and Dona's answers!

 1. Why did you decide to make your own polish line?

I was making polish just for fun with my daughter and people started asking where I bought at & how they could buy some. So, I started My Spirit Fingers  Which was only suppose school spirit colors...ooops! 

2. Of all the polishes you have made, which is your favorite and why?

Well....my favorite color...that's a tough one. I love each one but one of my Favorites has to be Mermaid. It has so many different colors and is chuck full of glitter! I love all the different base coats you can wear with to. 

3. Besides your own brand, what are three of your favorite polish brands?

 I love China Glaze, OPI , Sally Hansen polish. I like China Glaze & OPI because how well they wear. I also love when OPI has themed polish lines Like Alice in Wonderland... Pirates. Sally Hansen has some really bright fun colors! 

4. If you could design a color for your favorite celeb, who would it be and what would it look like?

haha, I just did! Like I said my polish names have hidden meanings sometimes...You'll Think Of Me was inspired by Keith Urban! I just love him and enjoy his music  I have to give a little credit to a friend of mine "Irina" also helped give me ideas on the color. I also asked on my facebook page what colors to use. I used a grey milky base with Navy blue hex, small black hex, silver stars & silver bars. It gave me the look of denim. So, go check it out on my facebook page! Maybe I should send Nicole a bottle! lol

5. If you could only paint your nails one color forever, what color would it be?
My favorite color is purple....so I would have purple on my fingers 24/7! 

6. How can people order your polish??

People can purchase my polish on facebook by emailing me their order. We will then invoice them & the polish will be sent out promptly.

Last thoughts from Dona: 

From time to time I have sales on my polish...Most recently I had buy 2 get one free! I will also have contest & other fun things planned.

 Also, My Dogs Daisy & Langston will poke their nose on the site along with Minnie & Gypsy my cats  I plan on having a website in the near Future. 


How to Find Dona/My Spirit Fingers:

For now, find My Spirit Fingers on facebook.  and pics on Instagram under the name goldenpups2!  Check on her page for sales running or contests!

Thanks so much, Dona.  I am loving these polishes and cannot wait to see what else she comes up with next!

Lacey J.


  1. Very Interessting name blog :) Poland love you and your blog:D

    1. Thank you!! The title is sort of a joke, I think everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend who dislikes their significant other putting on makeup and hairspray and polish!!


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