Friday, January 25, 2013

Jindie Nails: Strawberry Cupcake - Pink Based Glitter Perfection

If you've been a frequent visitor of this site (for which, I thank you), you should know that a pink based glitter is my jam!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at Jindie Nails Strawberry Cupcake!!


The accent nail is China Glaze Purple Panic. I'm not sure it does the highlighting of the purple glitters in the way I had hoped it would, but it's alright.


When Jindie Nails released this in December or January, I knew I HAD to have it.  Not even a question.


Strawberry Cupcake is an amazing polish.  Easy to apply, pink crelly based, and chock full of matte glitters in various colors and sizes.  It is literally a sweet polish!!


  You can find Jindie Nails on etsy here, and also on Llarowe. Follow Jen on Facebook for updates!

 xoxo, Lacey


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