Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flash Your Tips: Daisy Chain - Indie Review of Yellow Glitter Goodness

Happy Sunday!

Today I have a second polish for you from the All My Sisters collection by Flash Your Tips.  Daisy Chain is a clear based glitter top coat with scattered yellow and white squares and mini black hexes.  I do not own anything like this and I was really excited to try it out!

Let me show you it over white, Confetti Wedding White, first, so you can really see the polish:





For a complete opposite look, a fellow instagrammer asked to see it over black, so I swatched it over black, Confetti Black Tie, on a nail wheel.  You'd think the black would disappear  BUT it is such a loaded glitter that some of the hexes overlap the squares and it still looks good!  Behold:


I also wanted to see it over some contrasting brights!  Here is two coats of Daisy Chain over Fashionista Lisa by Wet and Wild.  It is from the Summer 2012 Saved By The Bell Collection.  This is a great collection of neons because the added shimmer makes them dry shiny, unlike true neons that usually dry more matte.



Lastly, this is 2 coats of Daisy Chain over Sally Hansen Blew Me Away, a bright blue creme.  Which color do you prefer as a base?





The All My Sisters collection from Flash Your Tips is scheduled to go on sale on Feb 1, but I suggest hoping over to etsy and stalking the store! I'll update this if they release early.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I can't believe it - it looks good over everything!

    I think the pink or blue might be my favourites.

    1. Thanks Harriet! A little birdie just told me that they may launch tomorrow!!


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