Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flash Your Tips: Cupid Stunt - Indie Review Of Awesomeness

I am such a huge fan of Flash Your Tips!  Rachel, the fabulous woman behind the line, was kind enough to send me 4 polishes from her brand new All My Sisters collection, which is scheduled to be released Feb 1, which is SOON!

Find Flash Your Tips on etsy HERE...I'd check now, really, LOL, just to be safe. And tomorrow, too.

And I promise to update you if I hear she is going to go live any earlier than Feb 1, scout's honor.

I received the following uniquely fabulous polishes:


  • Hellena Handbasket
  • Freida Love
  • Cupid Stunt
  • Daisy Chain

Immediately, I am most drawn to Freida and Cupid.  I was psyched to see Daisy, too, because I have nothing else like it. On with the swatches!

First up is Cupid Stunt.  I knew I'd love this and wanted to start with a bang - and we did.  The swatches are shown with two coats of Cupid over the two base coats.

BOTTLE SHOT! Someone *ahem* learned that the Macro and Zoom features of the cellphone (that she has had for over a year) actually do work together. Neat. So, now I can show you pics that look like this:


 The first base coat is butterLONDON's Sweetie Shop Spring 2013 baby pink pastel called Fruit Machine.  I was in a Valentine's Day mood, I think.  I think this is a sweet combo - har, har.


Cupid Stunt has a fine glitter throughout, small red hexes, and mini bars. I love how dainty, pretty, and shiny this polish looks - and I love the combo. The new butterLONDON pastels are fab, in my opinion.



Small problem with the second swatch - and the problem is totally the USER and NOT the polish.

I have no clue what base coat this is in the second set.

It's purpley blue and pretty and I have a ton of those and I have no clue which one it is, I really don't.  I feel like a dolt telling you this, but I'd rather be honest than deceitful - I am a Leo, after all.

I am pretty sure it's my Color Club Hydrangea.  Pretty sure.  Don't quote me on that.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!?!?!?  Let me know on the comments or on Facebook!  My OCD has pasted the exact post where I first asked for help, but feel free to write a new post, add swatches of what you think it is, or whatever.


I swear, I usually write it down if I have to swatch first and blog later but I can't find the paper with the names on it and please don't hold it against me.  Just enjoy the pics, will ya? :)



Prettttty, right? BUT WHAT THE HECK IS IT????

You can find Flash Your Tips on etsy HERE and thanks for stopping by!


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