Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Day Of School Nails! Zoya Wednesday + Cover Girl Citylights + Matte

I am writing this Sunday night and school starts tomorrow.  Panic!

I love my job more than anything and take it more seriously than any other aspect of my life, LOL.  With that in mind, I wanted to start the semester with some classy-flashy-girly-professional-edgy nails.

What combo suits ALL of those needs?



I think this covers it!


Say hello to Kenzo!


It is 2 coats of Zoya Wednesday, one coat of Cover Girl Citylights, and one coat of butterLONDON Matte.


I snagged the Zoya from the 3/$10 shipped deal that just ended over the weekend.  I also picked up Zanna, a gorgeous blush rose color, and Amber, which I am swapping with my girl JLynn because it's too copper/orange on my skin but should look great on her skin tone.

Take another peek at my first day of school mani:


Oh yeah! I also was thinking of really dolling up Wednesday, so I tried it on my nail wheel with the following:

-Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise
-Femme Fatale Lacquer Punk Rock Valentine
-I Love Nail Polish Up To Snow Good
-Monster Polish: Lacey's Heartstrings Custom
-Cover Girl Citylights
-Loreal Silver Sparkle



What do you think of these choices? 

 Would you have picked the same one I did, or something else???

What do you think?   Professional?  Cool?  Yay - or  - nay?

PS: Sending good luck and good vibes to all my friends beginning their semesters as teachers or as students! <3


  1. I love this! The color is just sooo pretty! It looks like little polka dots :3


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