Saturday, January 26, 2013

Color Club Holiday Holos 2012: Ho-Ho Holly!

This gorgeous Color Club mini in Ho Ho Holly was in the prize pack from Wishes of A Blue Eyed Girl as well!  I think this is gorgeous and a perfect winter shade.  The shine is off the hook, so expect an out of focus  pic or two to see that shine up close!

I am still having major issues with the spot on my middle finger cuticle :( I refuse to photoshop my blog pics though...and what blogger hasn't had a similar issue?


This is taken outside, with no flash, and indirect sunlight:


You knew the out-of-focus pic was coming! This time, with flash:



This only required two coats, but I used three for pics and a coat of Seche for extra shine.

 I only have one other Color Club, but this is def a brand I will look at more from now on!

Thanks for stopping by.

 If you're familiar with Color Club, what are some MUST HAVE shades from this brand??

Lacey J


  1. All of the Holos!!!!! Btw, I totally understand the cuticle issue. I tore my middle finger cuticle last week, and it still hasn't healed even with antibacterial cream. =/ We shall be screwed up middle finger cuticle friends together! LOL!

    1. Its juuuust working on getting better, still isnt perfect. Curse of the ripped cuticles.

  2. I adore the two color club polishes I have! My nails really like their formula for some reason.

    1. I have one other too, a cream periwnkle color, and I really love it. I dont know where they come from though, I never see any in stores


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