Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bzz Kit Review: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream - A Must Have For Nail Bloggers!!

Thanks soo much to BzzAgent for sending me the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream buzz kit. This is an amazing lotion and I am happy to share how much I love this. For the price and the results, this is immediately a must have for my beauty routine.  

 The best aspect of the product is its texture. Of all beauty products, my favorite things are facial primers and lip products. 

When I first touched this lotion, I immediately recognized the silky texture of a facial primer!! The lotion, like a primer, was silky, saturating, and super rich.  You can literally feel the moisture sinking into your skin. 

 As a beauty blogger who loves (um, okay, obsesses over) nail polish, having good looking hands AND CUTICLES (the bane of all polish bloggers!!) is a must. This lotion has a sealing and instantly refreshing formula that makes your hands look great. I know I keep comparing it to a primer, but in the same way that primer has that smoothed over, closed pore feeling and look, this lotion also creates a barrier that makes it feel as if the lotion is locked into your skin. 

 In short, I highly recommend this product! 

Thanks to Bzz Agent for letting me try it!


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