Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Skating In The Snow - White Based Glitter Perfection!

In my humble opinion, I have saved the best Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer to show you last.

Got to go out with a bang, right?

Skating in the Snow is a white cream with blue, pink, and iridescent hexs, squares, and circles.  I love this so much, I know I need to ask to purchase a full sized bottle.  Check it out!


Close up shot!

A little blurry so you can see the light reflecting properties.

 It really reminds me of a frozen pond in winter when the sun hits it.  You have to make sure to wrap yourself in layers - bright blue and pink hats, scarves, gloves - to go outside, and your afternoon is just this polish!  (Memory brought to you by growing up in Connecticut!)


Look at this shot from outside, with no flash but lots of warm Texas sunshine:


I looove this!!  There are only two coats here, all that is needed for full coverage.  That's impressive with a white based glitter polish.  I have two other Blue Eyed Girl Polishes to show you, coming soon.

Hope you loved these as much as I do!!


I am giving this the unofficial My Boyfriend Hates Makeup stamp of perfection!!


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  1. this nail varnish is so cute! It looks like it sits so well!
    I have to ask a kind of weird question; when you're using white nail varnish, do you find it takes longer to set than other colours? I use a Models Own white nail varnish and find it takes nearly twice as long as any other colour in my collection!

    I've just finished a cute photography post, feel free to look :)

    charlotte xo


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