Monday, January 7, 2013

Abstract Neon Art Mani & In-Progress Pics/How To!

So, I have no idea how I found Gorgeois' blog, but I am happy I did!  I have saved this AMAZING abstract neon mani from June 2012, and was looking for the right time to try it.

When my Mom gave me a set of awesome neon nail art stripers for Christmas, I knew it was time!

With all of the stealing images happening, let me just say:  I totally tried to copy this look as closely as possible.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - and THIS IS THE LINK to the mani.  Go to it. Love it. Appreciate it, because it's waay better than mine, but it was my first attempt, so bear with me :)  And, I think it's pretty cool, personally.

What do you think???   This is going to be VERY photo heavy, of course. Here is the finished look:


Sorry I didn't notice the dried clear coat in the pics. Don't hold it against me!! Here is what I used:

-nail art nail polish tangerine
-nail art nail polish yellow neon
-illamasqua purity
-sally hansen blue me away
-revlon eclectic
-julie nail polish bikini
-china glaze shocking pink (neon)
-china glaze purple panic
-thebalm boysenberry
-china glaze something sweet
-cynthia rowley no name purple


I left the red out, I felt like theBalm was red enough.

As for a technique, like Gorgeois said in her post, there really ISN'T one.  You can't do this incorrectly.

Let me show you!  Start with your base coat.  I used Illamasqua Purity.  Add two generous layers on topcoat.  I used Seche Vite.  (Bargain hunters, I recently got a .5oz bottle of Seche PLUS a 4oz refill bottle and funnel for $17 on Amazon!)


Then, I randomly picked up colors, and using no sort of skill at all, I blobbed a dot of each color on the nail. Check out a few in progress pics.

First, Purple Panic:

With the Julie and Revlon polishes:


And a few more:


Using the finer nail art brushes:


If you don't cover the nail in the first round, just grab your favorite and add some more.  I used the stripers to fill in the bald spots.



And there you have it!


I think this would look cute for Valentine's Day with pinks and reds, or with shades of your favorite color.

It reminds me of summer camp, when you melt all the crayons and everyone gets this hot mess of a multi - colored crayon to take home.  And you forget it on the bus anyway, or it melts in your pocket.  But it, like this mani, was fun while it lasted!



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