Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pure Ice Nail Polish - Gossip - Review 1/4

As I am sure you already know, Pure Ice discontinued over two dozen colors from 2012 and the past in order to make room for over 2 dozen NEW 2013 colors!  It should be pretty exciting to see what the brand will come out with now.

Find them on Pure Ice This wasn't an easy site to find!

With many main stream brands going indie-style with glitter - think China Glaze Cirques or Revlon Girly - it'll be a flashy year in polish!

I have a few Pure Ices to show you that the company sent out for review - but of course, all opinions here are honest and are my own!  

Today, I have a rich raspberry creme with flawless application called Gossip.  Take a look!  I must say, I am bummed this one has been discontinued.


This is two coats of Gossip and a single coat of Seche. The pics were taken outside with no flash. This is a very vibrant color!


The sun picks up the rich raspberry color!



Pure Ice can be found at Wal-Mart, and even though these colors have been discontinued, I am sure you can find stock until they sell out!

Thanks for reading,
Lacey J.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nail Art Society - January Bag Review And Manicure

Nail Art Society is a monthly subscription service that comes with one complete manicure!  I was able to review the December bag for you, which had 2 Cherimoya mattes, crystals in assorted sizes, and nail glue.  It also came with Cherimoya nail remover pads in a rose scent, and those smell much better than they work!

Though the price recently jumped to $19.95, I was able to find a deal somewhere to subscribe at the original $10/month price....I'm so sorry, but I forgot the promo code I used and where I found it. Bad blogger, bad bad blogger!  :(

This month's bag came with a Layla Magnetic polish, a Cherimoya nail art color, extra long tweezers, and a small container of Swarovski crystals.  I have not been interested in the magnetic trend - but the value was certainly there, with Laylas retailing for $12-15, depending on which site you find them on.


It came with some How To cards and tutorial info as well, in case you want to copy the tiger stripey mani on the front of the card.






I'm sorry to say, this polish hasn't converted me at all.  I asked my fabulous Facebook audience for tips on using the magnetic polish, and although their tips were great, I'm just not impressed.


In fact, as you can see from the fact that my swatches are just on plastic and not on my nails.  I plan to swap the polish, to be honest.

I tried to accentuate my lines with black. I don't mind the results, but nothing special, in my opinion.



Are you a magnetic fan?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flash Your Tips: Hellena Handbasket - Indie Review

*Drumroll* Last, but certainly not least, of the Flash Your Tips All My Sisters Collection is Hellena Handbasket.  This polish (as the last three I have shown you) is a literal packed glitterbomb.  Hellena has black diamonds, red hexes, pink hexes, mini black squares, and a fine white hex throughout.  Also join FYT on Facebook!

Bottle shot!

It reminds me of a deck of cards, especially over white.  It looks the like Queen of Diamonds card on my nails!  

First, over Confetti Wedding White:




I was in a China Glaze mood apparently!  I swatched two coats of Hellena over China Glaze Something Sweet, Man Hunt, and For Audrey.  Each base has two coats as well and is topped with a single coat of NYC Clear.

First, over For Audrey, which I think is my favorite combo. Here's a quick shot of For Audrey by itself. FA is a flawless, bright, teal creme, and really one of my favorite China Glaze colors. It's worth a look!







Next, this is China Glaze Something Sweet with 2 coats of Hellena Handbasket.  Looks Valentine-y without trying to hard, I like it!





Lastly, a little darker, this is Man Hunt by China Glaze.  I was afraid the black would get lost, but fear not!  The results look preppy and almost patriotic to me.  Go USA! :)  I would re-wear this combo for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, definitely.




The All My Sisters collection should be released in the Flash Your Tips etsy store, and keep up with sneak peeks on Rachel's Facebook fan Page!

Which of these 4 Flash Your Tips did you like best?  I am going to say Cupid Stunt is my personal fave, but the formula on each is flawless, shipping is quick, and Rachel is lovely!  I def suggest checking out Flash Your Tips for your next support a small business purchase! <3

Thanks for stopping by,
Lacey C.

*these items were sent for review and consideration, but the opinions above are 100% true and are my own. LC*

Monday, January 28, 2013

Flash Your Tips: Freida Love - Indie Review (A Perfect Polish!)

As you can tell by the title, I couldn't even wait until the post to profess my love for this polish.  As you know, the fabulous Rachel at Flash Your Tips sent me 4 polishes from the All My Sisters collection to show you, and I hope you're loving them like I am.

To refresh your memory, they are:

  • Cupid Stunt
  • Daisy Chain
  • Freida Love
  • Hellena Handbasket


Today's polish, Freida Love, has black hexes and squares, green squares, and magenta squares in a clear base.  The pics show two coats of Freida over the various bases.

Let me show you my favorite pic of the whole swatch fest first, then we will get to the rest of the goodness.  Silly me learned that macro and zoom work reaaaaally well together! Ha! Only took me a year.  Technology is NOT my strongpoint, people, this is why I teach history.

Anyway, looook:


I love it!  It almost looks 3-D but lays perfectly flat with one layer of clear coat. I was using NYC's today since I was swatching, but I do prefer Seche for the quickness.  Seriously, does anything dry faster than Seche?

Enough talking!  Time to first see Freida Love over white, so you can see how faceted and busy and beautiful this polish is before we add color.  The white is Confetti Wedding White, a Walgreens find that I def recommend and will repurchase.



Come a little closer:


Next is Freida over Nerd Alert Screech from Wet and Wild's Saved By The Bell Collection.

 These neons came out in Summer 2012 and were immediately hard to find. Lucky for me, my pal Sam at A Girl Obsessed found a full set for me at a steal of a price. I like all of them - pigment, formula, etc, except the yellow one, Pin Me Slater or whatever it's called. Did anyone else experience streakiness with that one? Nerd Alert Screech is a great lime neon though!




You can find Flash Your Tips on etsy, and this collection should be released Feb 1, so ANY MINUTE NOW, really!!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think, I love your comments.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

EVOLOGIE Stay Clear Acne System: Initial Reaction

I was honored to be contacted by skin care company EVOLOGIE, which is: "Skin care at it's most evolved" according to their site.

Learn more about them here.

I am also helping to host and promote their amazing giveaway - it is for 6 months worth of products! How cool is that?

Enter the Giveaway HERE!  You have until Feb 28th to do so!

To help me experience the brand, they sent me a starter kit to review and share with you.

As of this morning, Jan 27th, I've used the system only twice, but my skin is feeling good so far, no irritation, tightness, or reddening that often comes when you switch over to a new product.  Good start!

I wanted to share more info on the products with you!  Here is what I was sent:




Here are the product info cards:




Stay Clear Cleanser


On the website, it is described as:
EVOLOGIE STAY CLEAR CLEANSER is an advanced, non-drying formulation containing natural cleansing agents, antibacterials, and keratolytics to unclog pores, remove oil, bacteria and debris while maintaining your skin’s natural pH balance.  Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, neutralizes environmental free-radicals that damage skin.  Chamomile and honey extracts will leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.
The Problem: Most cleansers are too harsh for daily use and dry out your skin. Dry skin can actually cause your skin to increase oil production and cause micro cracks allowing bacteria in.
The Solution:  STAY CLEAR CLEANSER’s natural ingredients are non-drying, used twice daily will leave your skin clean, clear, and feeling moist and smooth.
Cleans Acne Causing Bacteria
Natural Ingredients
Ideal for Teens, Men & Women
Good for All Skin Types
Rapidly Clears Pimples
Helps Prevent Breakouts
Not Tested on Animals
Helps Correct Hyperpigmentation
Clinically Proven Results
Patent-pending YS3 COMPLEX



Intensive Blemish Serum




Description from the website:
INTENSIVE BLEMISH SERUM is a Doctor developed, patent pending, formulation that deeply penetrates the skin to quickly clear blemishes at the source.
The Problem: Most acne treatments lay on the skin’s surface, while factors triggering pimples below the skin’s barrier are unaffected, so pimples continue to erupt.
The Solution: Intensive Blemish Serum with a patent pending formulation delivers pimple fighting natural ingredients deep within your skin.
Rapidly Clears Pimples & Blemishes
Natural Ingredients
Ideal for Teens, Men & Women
Good for All Skin Types
Helps Prevent Breakouts
Not Tested on Animals
Lightens Acne Scars
Helps Correct Hyperpigmentation
Clinically Proven Results
Patent-pending YS3 COMPLEX



Stay Clear Cream




EVOLOGIE STAY CLEAR CREAM works by intensifying your skin's healing power. It's YS3 COMPLEX delivery system combines natural ingredients with an innovative trans-epidermal absorption enhancer to rapidly penetrate deep below the skin's surface to where it is needed most. Moisturizers, antioxidants and collagen boosters keep skin carefully protected and balanced.
The Problem: Acne treatments rely on high concentrations of ingredients like benzoyl peroxide to dry up pimples quickly.  This can irritate your skin increasing oil production, clog pores, cause inflammation and micro cracks.  Bacteria can get in and cause acne and pimples to return.
The Solution: STAY CLEAR CREAM the perfect blend of natural ingredients to clear the blemish and hydrate the skin.  Strengthening your skin’s natural protective barrier reducing future breakouts.
Helps Prevent Breakouts
Natural Ingredients
Clears Pimples & Blemishes
Ideal for Teens, Men & Women
Good for All Skin Types
Not Tested on Animals
Lightens Dark Spots and Acne Scars
Helps Correct Hyperpigmentation
Clinically Proven Results
Patent-pending YS3 COMPLEX


My thoughts:

As I mentioned earlier, I've only used the system twice now so I only have my initial reactions and thoughts for you.


The cleanser smells nice, a clean soap smell. It's very gentle, which is important to me.  I am the type who washes her entire face - eye area and everything, I know, totally skin sin - but I do.  This cleanser does not irritate my eyes or lips.  It reminds me of my favorite discontinued cleanser, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wash.  I had been using Origins Checks and Balances but its a little stripping for winter for my skin.  I plan to keep using the EVOLOGIE cleanser and I'll get back to you on how it goes!


The serum has a silky texture.  It doesn't cause any stinging or tightness, but I should mention I usually only get pimples during my cycle and when under great stress - which is getting to be more and more of a daily thing -aaaah! LOL.  Anyway, I do have a few breakouts now, but the product still caused zero discomfort.


The moisturizer has been a pleasant surprise.  It was the smallest container of the three, so I tried to use the smallest less-than-pea sized amount, and it covered very well.  This morning I see no dry spots or patches.  It was soothing and not stinging when applied.  I have not tried it under my regular makeup because I try to let my skin breathe and go makeup free on the weekends, but I shall try this coming week and report back on that, too.

Thanks to EVOLOGIE to letting me try these products.

Remember to enter the GIVEAWAY before the end of February for your chance to win months of product free!

Learn more about EVOLOGIE here.


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