Friday, December 14, 2012

Pure Ice: Honey Do - 1 of 28 Discontinued 2012 Colors

I was lucky enough to be selected to receive and review a few Pure Ice polishes.  They decided to discontinue 28 shades - in order to welcome 28 NEW shades in 2013 - and sent a few to bloggers as a final send off and a last look as some classic colors.

You can find Pure Ice at Walmart and other mass retailers.

I was sent a few shades to show you, and among them was this shimmery peach shade called...Honey Do.

Are they discontinuing it because it's oddly named? LOL.

Honey DEW is a melon, which is green...Honey by itself is more of a yellow, so I have no idea where this name came from. Was there a bridal collection or something?

Anyway, I'm sure they aren't discontinuing it because of the name alone!  They may be discontinuing it because it is kind of streaky, even after 3 coats.  Hey - honest review!  It def has a shiny metallic sheen, and two coats of Seche did help to remove the brush stroke lines, but take a look for yourself:

Hello from Kenzo :)


Come a little closer:


See my middle finger?  Streaky :(



I do like the color!  It is a soft shiny peach and totally work appropriate for the most conservative of offices. For the price, $1.99 or so, the color pay-off is great.  Looking forward to seeing their new 2013 shades and trying the formula again.

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Lacey C.

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  1. I really like that color. Metallics like that are usually streaky. If you love metallics you don't care about brush strokes. Or at least that is what I tell myself.


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