Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hello.Lacquer Review: Southern Soxxy Bits - Post 2 Of 2! Black And White Glitter Alert!

I LOVE a black and white glitter!  I was psyched when JLynn of Hello.Lacquer sent this to me.  It was immediate love!

I have it a few different ways for you because that is the beauty of  a black and white top coat polish, you can add it to pretty much any mani for an extra bit of edge and excitement.

First, here is SSB over Matte.N.A. Animation, an (obviously) matte polish. There is a natural shine in SSB's base though:


So, to truly mattify this mani, I added a layer of butterLONDON Matte:


Aaaand one more. Isn't this pretty?


For a total change, I also layered SSB over Perception Lacquer Fairy Jizz. I like the double indie concept, especially during the shopping season when we should be thinking and buying local whenever possible!  


In the shade, but with flash:


Love both of these but I think I like it better with a solid base color so that the glitters stand out.  The matte look is just killer, too.

You can find Hello.Lacquer on:
Her Blog!

Tell her Lacey from My Boyfriend Hates sent you!


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