Sunday, December 9, 2012

Different Dimension Polish: I've Been An Awful Good Girl - Holiday Indie

If you're a frequent visitor here at My Boyfriend Hates Makeup, (which I thank you for), then you're going to see this polish and say something to the effect of "obviously she loves this." or "duh." or "figures." AND you'd be right, 1,000% percent.

This polish was calling my name from Missi's etsy store, Different Dimension, saying:
 "Lacey, take me home! I want to be friends with your other pink based glitters!!" 
How could I resist?? I loved this polish on the screen and I love it even more in person!

The name is cute, "I've Been An Awful Good Girl" and is part of the 2012 Holiday Santa Baby Collection.  While most Christmas and winter polishes have reds and greens (NOT my colors at all), this was a welcome change from the pack!

Check it out:


I used one coat of Barielle's Jewelie Box underneath because the bases were super similar.  I added two coats of Good Girl and a single coat of Seche.  Result: perfection.  

On the website, it is described as: "I've Been An Awful Good Girl has a white base with pink(ish) shimmer and different sized pink and purple holographic glitters throughout in different sizes"


Below is a shot inside, with flash, obviously.


Outside, no flash:


Outside, with flash:


I adore this polish.  It's pretty much flawless and has everything I LOVE in a polish - pink base, pink glitter, and more pink glitter, micro glitter, and small pieces that create a dynamic effect.  

You can find Different Dimensions here:

Tell her Lacey from MyBoyfriendHatesMakeup sent you!
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  1. I just bought some polishes from them and I love their formula!


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