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December Nail Art Society Bag Review!

This was sent for my review and consideration, but all of the opinions represented below are honest and are my own!

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Nail Art Society is one of the newest monthly subscription bags to hit the market!

For $19.95, you get a complete look - the polishes, decals, tools, gems, or whatever needed to complete a look.  They even send the orange sticks to place the crystals and polish remover as well! It's a complete kit in a bag!

For more details, check out Nail Art Society!

The December bag is meant to have a Holiday theme.

It came with 2 Cherimoya Matte.N.A. polishes, a nail glue, Cherimoya rose scented remover pads, crystals and the orange stick to apply the crystals with. It also came with instructions to create one specific look, but of course I did my own thing!


Spoiler alert! Here is my finished mani :) Then I'll show you more about each product! My look is supposed to be like a necklace draped across my nails. What do you think??


Let's Look At The Products Closer!

First, the polishes!

 This is Cherimoya Matte N A in Mystery. 

 It's a raspberry metalicy shimmer that dries fairly matte. The formula is pretty thick, I've had other polishes from the brand and have found them all to be thick and sort of tough to work with.


This shimmery silver is Blockbuster:


Another item was a full pack of Stella jewels in various sizes with an orange stick for application:


Nail glue was also included, which was a nice touch.


My favorite item is the Cherimoya remover pads. They smell really nicely, work well (on regular polish, obviously not uber intense glitters), and have cuticle oil built in. They do make your hands oily though, so have a paper towel handy to rub in the oil and remove the excess:


Before I added the decorations, I snapped a quick pic of the polishes bare:


Then, the fun begins!

They made it super easy by providing all the tools you'll need. I just made a little pile of crystals and placed them along the nail:


My thumb got a flower pattern:


Another look:


Overall, this was a really fun kit.

I am going to buy a couple months worth in the Spring because I have a feeling they will get better and better. I am not a huge fan of the Cherimoya matte's but a metallic matte is a pretty neat find, and it is super relevant for a holiday/winter/celebration themed mani.

 These kits would also be great for people just starting to obsess about nails because it comes with accessories and tools that you'll use over and over, like nail glue, crystals, and the orange stick.

Very cool concept! Thanks, Nail Art Society, for this review packet and I look forward to more in the future from this company!

 Have you tried Nail Art Society?

 What do you think?


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