Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cosmo Vox Box Review - From Influenster

This is so cool! I was lucky enough to have a Cosmo Vox Box sent by Influenster!   Influenster is a cool website that sends you products to test and review based on your interests.  You check out the items, take pics, and share what you have newly discovered you love!

The Cosmo box was my first one, so let me show you what I received:


The Influenster Cosmo VoxBox includes:

  • -Pilot X Friction Pens in black and orange
  • -Gillette Venus Embrace Razor
  • -Gillette Venus & Olay replacement razor
  • -Ghirardelli Seasalt Escape Chocolate bar
  • -Bath & Body Works Forever Red Perfume



My favorite items, perhaps not surprisingly, are the pens!  I love stationary items, like beautiful cards and nice pens.
Pilot pens happen to be a long favorite of mine because of my Grandfather.  He liked the roller-ball tip for doing his architectural work and he got me hooked on those when he took me school shopping.  He passed away in 2011, so I exclusively use Pilot pens now.  Isn't it funny that the littlest things can remind you of someone and bring you a smile? :)

My Papa would've thought these pens were cool, and I do, too.

They are erasable!  Erasable pens used to be pretty crummy but of course, since these are Pilot brand, they are going to be high quality.


Speaking of liking organizational items, everything came in the cute little silver mesh bag that you see the items pictured on top of, which I thought was a nice touch.

For the Pilot Frixion pens, I received a black and orange and while orange seems slightly odd, it's actually a fun change from red for grading!  It helps make the crushing defeat of an F a little less harsh, right? LOL.

I had a teacher who used purple pen and that was her justification, so I'll borrow that!

Check it out!  Here is the orange, with my name and a heart:

Going away a little bit...

And pretty much gone!

I will def be picking up a few more of these.  I hope they make one with pink ink!

Another item that was quite tasty was the Ghirahdelhi chocolate bar.  Seasalt is the 'in thing' for salt substitutes at the moment.  This is another high quality brand and this yummy chocolate measured up with all other products I have tried from them.


The perfume sample was a .25 vial of Forever Red, made by Bath and Body Works.  It has a light, fall-like smell and I enjoy it.  I'm going on vacation for Christmas and this is a great size to take with me.  I love sample sized perfumes, and this is a generous one.

The last item I was sent for review was a Gillette razor and a replaceable head.  It is cool because the different replacement razors fit any handle, so you can switch until you find a blade that you like.  I left this for last because I really dislike this razor.  I feel as if the lotion stuff around the blades stops me from getting a close shave on my legs, and the lotion stuff also gets gunked and stuck to the tub because it doesn't come with a cap.  This is just a personal preference though.  If you like the razor, it is very economical to have the interchangeable replacements.

Thank you to @Influenster for this Cosmo Vox Box!  I had a great time reviewing these items.
Lacey C.


  1. I love pens and stationary products too! I am very impressed with how well those pens erased!

    1. LOL, glad I am not the only beauty blogger who liked the non-beauty product best!!


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