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2012: My Favorite Looks / Brands - MBHM Awards!

I know everyone is going to be doing a favorite list or a Best Of type blog post - and I LOVE IT.  Personally, I am excited to see what everyone chooses as his or her favorite item.  It's an easy way to make up for the lack of catching up on other people's posts...haha... and a great way to see what brands I've been missing out on and looks to try in the coming year!

Bring on the BEST OF's!  If you are doing a similar post, put it on my page - so I can check it out!! Sharing is caring :P

I am going to do a mix of my favorite looks AND favorite brands together with a mix of pictures.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite posts, pics, and looks from 2012!

Favorite Base/Top Coats: Seche Vite.

Favorite Pharmacy/Drug Store Brand: 1) NYC New York Color - 2) Maybelline

I am a huge fan of inexpensive brands that perform incredibly well.  Aren't we all?  My favorite drugstore/lower end brand is definitely NYC New York Color Cosmetics.  Polishes range from 0.99 cents - for a quick drying clear that is a STAPLE is my stash - to $2.99 for newer polishes, and you can often find a BOGO sale for this brand at CVS, Walgreens, wherever.

Check of this Comparison Post of this polish below, NYC Peach Sparkle, $1.99 versus Nars Orgasm, $18.   You are going to be SHOCKED at how well this NYC polish compares to the higher end product!


Another awesome and inexpensive brand to try is Maybelline's Color Show line.  Their Holiday Sequins collection - shown below is the Rose Bling color - sold out quickly and was super hard to find!  I expect good things coming from Maybelline as they roll out more colors and collections in 2013.  I've been bottles sell for $2.99 - $3.99 depending where you find them.


Favorite New-To-Me This Year Mainstream Brand: Barielle

Barielle is a polish I first saw on a fave blog of mine, Beauty By Krystal.  I have been lucky enough to score a few colors from TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and I've seen them on TransDesign as well, anywhere from $2.99 in stores to $5.99 or so online.  The formula and color selection make this a brand to look out for whenever you're shopping.

This is Barielle Jewelie Box and a little Hello Kitty decal.

Favorite Low-to-Mid Range Polish: 1) China Glaze - 2) Zoya

China Glaze is, hands down, my favorite polish brand.  There are so many colors, glitters, and rich hues to choose from, and I usually find myself picking up a China Glaze pink as a go-to color.

There are quite a few 'classic' China Glaze colors, including For Audrey, below.

China Glaze has recently stepped it's game up with the Cirque De Soleil collection, which has some indie-like glitters in It's A Trap-Eze - pictured below - and the Illamasqua-like-rubbery finish of Escaping Reality...which you'll see later in this post!


Here is It's A Trap-Eze.  Isn't this amazing?!


Zoya is another mid-priced range polish that I love.  Their names are super cute, including Shelby, which is a light pink and also the name of my dog, and Reagan, which is the name of a friend's dog.  Yes, I admit it, I've bought a few Zoya strictly based on names. TELL ME YOU HAVEN'T! LOL.

This is my favorite Zoya shade of my whole collection, called Meadow.  It's a perfect rose gold shimmer polish that dries beautifully.  I want an eyeshadow that matches this polish.  Any shadow makers out there?!?!


Favorite Higher End Polish: 1) NARS - 2) Illamasqua - 3) butterLONDON

There is a lot of debate about what a "higher end" polish should cost.  Here, in Lacey Land, which is lovely yet filled with student loan trees and credit card debt paved roads, I cannot afford Chanels and $20+ polishes. I just can't. I'd love to...but I also like to eat, and put gas in my car, and pay my bills on time.  Nothin' personal - it's just reality over here!

With that in mind, splurges for me are polishes over $15, which does include a rare Lynnderella every now and then!

I also love NARS!  This is a brand I am just starting to get to know, which is apparently good, because a trusted polish friend said that NARS hasnt always had the most amazing formula.  So far, I have Ratin Jot, which is one of my favorite polishes I own, Orgasm, Trouville, and a few others.  Looking forward to trying out a few more! :)


Illamasqua is another awesome brand.  I want to try some of their makeup as well.  Below is Purity, and I also have Stance and a rubber finish, Prosperity.  The rubber finish is very cool and the colors are so rich.  The formula wears a while on me and the consistency is thin but dries oh so well.  Love this pretty peach.


butterLONDON is another brand that I adore.  Below is Scallywag, from the Holiday 2012 collection.  I love the colors but sometimes BL's chip on me sooner than I'd like, considering the price point.  If it werent for the chipping issue, butterLONDON would've been on the top of this part of the list.


Favorite Indie Brands: Femme Fatale - Kelara Lacquers - Jindie Nails

INDIEEEEEEEEES!!  This was a tough category to pick, because I am a firm believer in supporting local and small businesses.  There are so many amaaaaaazing indie sellers popping up...and also a few duds, too.  The ones pictured below are my favorites - taking into consideration their creations, customer service, shipping times, etc - but a few other amazing brands deserve mention.

They include (in no particular order): Different Dimension, Delusional Polish, Flash Your Tips, Kawaii Lacquers, and more.

I ALWAYS want to know about awesome indies hitting the scene, so drop me a line on Facebook if you have a favorite store  (or if you'd like to me do a review of your polishes, I am always open for that!!)!

Femme Fatale Lacquers receives my FAVORITE INDIE OF 2012 polish.  I just came across this brand and LOVE it.  Below is Mirror Mirror, pictured over black.  I have a few others, including a Volkswagen green inspired green that I love because a VW was my first car.  The maker behind the brand is sweet, gorgeous, and kind.  Shipping is fast, reasonable, and the polish formula is divine.

Check out FFL HERE.


Next is a newer polish line called Kelara Lacquers.  The name itself is cute and comes from the combined names of the lovely couple behind the brand.  They did a fantastic planet inspired collection and I am slowly getting the whole solar system! Haha.  Pictured below is Venus, from the planet collection, which has this gorgeous copper shimmer throughout.  It's work friendly and striking!


My third favorite indie of 2012 is Jindie Nails.  CandyLand, below, warms my heart with child-like glee.  Plus, I adore a white based glitter!  Jen, who runs Jindie, is awesome.  Shipping is fast, too.  I just ordered another polish from her and can't wait to show it to you ASAP!

ig15 jindie candyland

Favorite Nail Art: Vintage Roses

LOL, this will get better, I promise.  I have just become nail obsessed in 2012 and don't have much art to choose from.  However, I thought that this pretty vintage rose art deserved another look.  What do you think?


Best Blog Sale Score: Max Factor Fantasy Fire

I have been lucky enough to find some amazing scores on blog sales, including some butterLONDONs, Juleps, a NARS mini, and more.  I def suggest scouring your favorite blogs for sales if you're looking for products you can't necessarily afford, LOL.

Another advantage to a blog sale is that sometimes you'll find an international site and score big time!  Maxx Factor Fantasy Fire is a well-known unicorn in the polish world.  I was able to score a mini from England and am very happy to have this little gem!


Favorite Polish Purchase of 2012: MY BOYFRIEND HATES MAKEUP, the custom color by Monster Polish!!!!!

My favorite polish purchase of 2012 is, without a doubt, a custom polish from Monster Polish.  Diana, the fabulous woman behind the brand, made this pink based polish of my dreams!!!!!!!!  Ooooh, aaaaaah.  Thank you again, Diana.  I love this polish!!!!!!

Check out the polish monster here!



MY FAVORITE POLISH OF 2012: China Glaze Escaping Reality

The final FAVORITE OF 2012 goes to China Glaze's Cirque de Soleil collection, Escaping Reality.  The color is a bright watermelon, raspberry, almost neon color which is vibrant and perfect with my skin.  The formula is no surprise - China Glaze has it down perfectly - but the finish!!!!!  The finish is a rubbery-to-the-touch finish that rivals Illamasqua's Rubber Finish at half the price.  You can add a shiny top coat, like I did here, or use a matte for a super springy, dull, soft finish.

Looove this polish!!!!

Thank you for checking out my 2012 favorites!!  Tell me your favorites below or on Facebook.  Thank you for supporting my blog, as well.  Forget polish - my favorite part of 2012 is YOU - yes, YOU reading this blog!

Looking forward to a fabulous 2013,
Lacey J.


  1. totally enjoyed this post...thanks!

  2. What a fun post to read, I love this breakdown, and of course I loved the mention <3


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