Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Reindeer Doody by Tipsy Turvy Nails - Holiday Cheer In A Bottle!

I had the privilege of checking out Reindeer Doody by Tipsy Turvy Nails!  TTN is fairly new indie maker and 1/2 of the sister team is from my home state of Connecticut.

On their etsy store, Reindeer Doody is described as:

"Well, everybody poos...including reindeer. And, from what Santa has told me they eat anything! You never know what you will find in their doody. And, while that would seem like a bad thing to put on your nails, this polish is actual doody free!

The polish has a clear base, perfect for wearing over your favorite holiday color. It has matte green and cherry red glitters, rainbow glitter, caramel and bronze glitters. It is very sparkly doody!!

Polish comes in a 15ml bottle with 2 nail polish approved mixing balls. This is not made with store bought polish, and the whole creation was made with my own hands. The polish is 3 free and made with all the love I can muster!"

Check out a bottle shot!

This is such a great formula!

The red and green are perfectly scattered throughout and there are smaller gold glitters throughout as well.  I love the gold glitter.  I see more polish makers adding just big pieces of glitter and I def dont like it as much as something with a finer glitter throughout.  The little glitters show off the big ones, in my opinion!

First, check it over Sally Hansen Polar Bare:

Two coats of Doody (heheh) over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polar Bare, which needed 4 coats to be bright enough to showcase this properly.  I added a coat of Seche on top, too.

Got to have that blurry, shiny, sparkly shot!

Next over China Glaze Cranberry Splash, from the Holiday 2012 Collection.  Pretty, right?  The red glitters get lost a little bit, but it is still sparkly and bright.

Last, this is Doody over Jessica Nail Polish Lime Cooler and accent nail of China Glaze Exotic Encounters.  I love it over the white and lime green the best since all the colors can stand out.  I also think this would be good over a silver or a bright beigey color, too.

Love this and I know I'll pick it up again over the holiday season!  Huge thanks to Michelle and her sister for sending some Doody my way ;)

You can find Tipsy Turvy Nails on Etsy HERE,
and on Facebook HERE!


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