Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kelara Lacquers: Venus, Uranus, and Aunt Theresa: Indie Greatness

Today I have three polishes by the relatively new indie brand, Kelara Lacquers!  They opened on etsy in October, and they are definitely worth checking out!  The name is a combo of Kellen and Tara, soon to be husband and wife team :)

I was able to pick up two polishes from their "Planetary Collection" which are Venus and Uranus (hehehe), and one from the "Colors For A Cause Collection" called Aunt Theresa.

On the site, Aunt Theresa is described as:

"Kelara Lacquer's Aunt Theresa is an intriguing smoky purple with iridescent flakies. It is part of the Colors for a Cause collection and represents pancreatic cancer awareness. It is also dedicated to Tara's aunt, Theresa, who recently died from pancreatic cancer. For each mini bottle of Aunt Theresa purchased we will donate $1 to The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research."

Very cool idea.

Here is a bottle shot of the trio, which came in a very sweet silver mesh bag:

First I want to show you Venus.  I tried this first because I had to go to a work event, and this was the perfect color for it.  It has a gorgeous peach base with ultra fine copper glitters.  It goes on super smooth in two coats and in the sun, looks like a brand new penny!

All swatches are 1 coat Seche basecoat, 2 coats Kelara lacquers, and 1 coat Seche fast dry top coat.  First shot is inside with flash:

Outside shot above, and below.  Love the shine!

Below is inside but with outside light shinning on them.  I kept looking at my hands and how the light caught the polish inside and outside.  Love this.

Up next, I will be reviewing Uranus. LOL, okay, that's the last immature comment I will make!  

On the website, they describe it as:

"Kelara Lacquers Uranus nail polish sends you to, well....Uranus (insert immature giggles here)! Uranus features a gorgeous blue green base and cosmic holographic micro glitter. It is part of the Planetary Collection, which takes you out of this world to bring you colors that reflect the appearance of the planets (and our favorite dwarf planet) in the solar system. "

Uranus has a similar formula to Venus and needed just two coats for perfect coverage.  Outside pics for all three, no flash.  No flash needed because it shines on its own very well!! Ta-da:

Last but not least is Aunt Theresa, which is exactly as they described: a gray/purple that is jam packed with flakies. JAM PACKED with flakies, I am telling you.  It looks like fish food!  

The sun was going down as I was doing this mani so I had to run outside and find some sun to capture this beauty properly.  It may look bumpy but it isnt at all after a coat of Seche.  The formula is a bit thicker than the other two, but it is only because it is so full of flakie, sparkly goodness.  

If you like: indie - flakie - purple, I'd suggest adding this to your NEED list.  It drys quick and the finished color looks like fish food, or rocks on a tropical beach at low tide, or a pebbled walk way leading into a cute cottage in the woods.  Whatever it reminds me of, it's pretty, happy, and girly.  

This is my favorite by far, with Venus second because it is so pretty and wearable.

The pic above is in the shade, but check out the iridescence of the flakies, especially on my middle and pointer fingers.  So pretty!

I love these!!  Def go check out Kelara Lacquers when you're in the market for some indie awesomeness.  They also have a cool "Colors For a Cause Collection" which is where Aunt Theresa came from, so you can shop for a cause, too!!

Find Kelara Lacquers on etsy HERE!


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