Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Illamasqua Rubber Finish Lacquer in Prosperity!!

Illamasqua is an amazing brand that I cannot often afford, LOL.  I really wanted to try their Rubber Finish polish so I saved a birthday coupon and gift certificate and splurged on TWO - Prosperity for me, shown here, aaaaaaaand Faux Pas, a grey/lavender color that I am giving away as soon as I have 200 GFC followers and 500 FB followers!

SO, if you're reading this and want a chance to win one, help me get the Giveaway going!!

Anyway, like other Illamasqua polishes, it has a great formula.  It dries to a slightly springy, rubbery finish.  With a coat of matte, such as ButterLONDON, it dries to an amazingly matte, satin finish.

Check it out!!

Illamasqua Prosperty with butterLONDON Matte Finish
See the rubbery, springy quality?
Plush looking!

Another shot with matte
With a Hello Kitty decal :)
Have you tried an Illamasqua Rubber Finish polish??

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