Wednesday, November 28, 2012

China Glaze Tantalize Me & Zoya Aurora

I've been on a China Glaze kick this week and that is NO coincidence! I love the formula.

Today I have Tantalize Me, with a Zoya Ornate Collection Aurora pinky.  Tantalize Me is immediatley one of my favorite polishes. Love the shimmer, the color, and the 2 coat flawless application.  In the bottle, it looks like it might go sheer but that is not the case at all!

Take a look:

I just adore this.  It's a lilac shimmer that is just so, so pretty.  Fave!  Shall we go a bit closer??


Here it is without a flash.  I would even say that this is work appropriate because it is such a soft color.  However, when the light hits it just right - hello shine!  I like the accent nail as well, the highlight and sparkle of Aurora matches the purple tones of Tantalize Me very well!  

What do you think??


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  1. Tantalize me is gorgeous. I love that blue shimmer and china glaze.


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