Thursday, November 29, 2012

China Glaze Should've Called This Highlighter Pink

This is China Glaze "Beauty Within" from their October Breast Cancer Awareness collection.  It fit it beautifully with their pink collection, but it also matches my pink highlighters SPOT ON!

Check it:

Am I right or am I right? Here is an inside shot with flash:


It sort of has some blue undertones, do you see it, too?  It's your normal, perfect, China Glaze application. Zero issues, quick dry time, no dragging, no chipping.  I <3 C.G.!


Flash shot:


I love this but as I was digging around my stash box, I realized I have 3 other colors that are "similar but not the same" to this, LOL.  AND, since I've done this post, I also received China Glaze Escaping Reality, which looks pretty much identical to this in the bottle.  But anyway, before I got Escaping Reality, I did a China Glaze pink neon comparison post that I will publish TOMORROW!  

Hold your breath...okay, don't, but you'll see it soon! 



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