Friday, November 30, 2012

4 China Glaze Neon Pinks: Do You Need Them ALL? (YES!)

I love pink polish.  If I am going professional, my go-to is a baby pink.  If I am going shocking, my go-to is a neon pink!  Yesterday, I showed you "Beauty Within" from China Glaze, and when I was looking for that, I realized I had 3 other "similar but NOT the same" neon pinks.

Comparison post time!!  If you're a pink-iac like me, you obviously need all four, but if you're not a huge pink lovah, maybe this will help you narrow the field.

Bottle shot! Left to right: Beauty Within, Pink Plumeria, Pink Voltage, Shocking Pink:


And here we have it in the same order on my hand: Beauty Within - pinky, Pink Plumeria, Pink Voltage, Shocking Pink - index finger


So there are some clear differences!  

On my pinky, Beauty Within has some blue tones.  

Pink Plumeria, on my ring finger, is peachier and has shimmer.  

Pink Voltage, middle, is the most "bubblegum" or bright and also has a slight shimmer that you'll see better in the close up picture.

Shocking Pink, on my pointer finger is the lightest pink but dries fairly matte, like a true neon.

Yes, my cuticles aren't hate mail, mmkay? :)

Here are a couple close-ups:

My middle finger has Pink Voltage, and you can see a very slight shimmer here:


My pointer finger has Shocking Pink, which is a true neon. It is also the lightest of the four, more of a baby pink neon than a bright pink. Still pretty!


Pink Plumeria stands out. Compared to the others, it is much more peachy, or even an orange/coral rather than pink. It also has a very apparent shimmer:


What do you think of these? I guess you don't "need" all of them...unless you love pink! In which case, like I can easily justify, these are all different ENOUGH to have them all.

I also recently purchased Escaping Reality from the new Cirque collection, and just from the bottle comparison, it looks THISCLOSE to Beauty Within.

Updated comparison post coming soon!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I NEED them all!!! LOL But my fav is definitely Pink Voltage... they are all drool worthy tho :) Thanks for the great comparison and lovely swatches!!! :D

  2. Shocking pink is my favorite and always go to pink. Even year round. But ever since I started growing out my natural nails instead of acrylics IT WONT STAY ON! I've tried every base and top coat and every method I can think of. In fact I painted my nails with it lastnight and it's already off, well besides a few specs. I even bought this new bottle because I thought the one I had was just low. It's making me insane that I can't wear my all time favorite polish!

    1. Do you think you got a bad bottle or something!?

  3. I still vote for Beauty Within. I'll be hitting up Sally this weekend. For now you have me on head2toebeauty. This is VERY dangerous business! LOL

  4. all those pinks are beautiful and SO different!


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