Friday, November 30, 2012

4 China Glaze Neon Pinks: Do You Need Them ALL? (YES!)

I love pink polish.  If I am going professional, my go-to is a baby pink.  If I am going shocking, my go-to is a neon pink!  Yesterday, I showed you "Beauty Within" from China Glaze, and when I was looking for that, I realized I had 3 other "similar but NOT the same" neon pinks.

Comparison post time!!  If you're a pink-iac like me, you obviously need all four, but if you're not a huge pink lovah, maybe this will help you narrow the field.

Bottle shot! Left to right: Beauty Within, Pink Plumeria, Pink Voltage, Shocking Pink:


And here we have it in the same order on my hand: Beauty Within - pinky, Pink Plumeria, Pink Voltage, Shocking Pink - index finger


So there are some clear differences!  

On my pinky, Beauty Within has some blue tones.  

Pink Plumeria, on my ring finger, is peachier and has shimmer.  

Pink Voltage, middle, is the most "bubblegum" or bright and also has a slight shimmer that you'll see better in the close up picture.

Shocking Pink, on my pointer finger is the lightest pink but dries fairly matte, like a true neon.

Yes, my cuticles aren't hate mail, mmkay? :)

Here are a couple close-ups:

My middle finger has Pink Voltage, and you can see a very slight shimmer here:


My pointer finger has Shocking Pink, which is a true neon. It is also the lightest of the four, more of a baby pink neon than a bright pink. Still pretty!


Pink Plumeria stands out. Compared to the others, it is much more peachy, or even an orange/coral rather than pink. It also has a very apparent shimmer:


What do you think of these? I guess you don't "need" all of them...unless you love pink! In which case, like I can easily justify, these are all different ENOUGH to have them all.

I also recently purchased Escaping Reality from the new Cirque collection, and just from the bottle comparison, it looks THISCLOSE to Beauty Within.

Updated comparison post coming soon!
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You Are...

It only gets better! Honestly.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

China Glaze Should've Called This Highlighter Pink

This is China Glaze "Beauty Within" from their October Breast Cancer Awareness collection.  It fit it beautifully with their pink collection, but it also matches my pink highlighters SPOT ON!

Check it:

Am I right or am I right? Here is an inside shot with flash:


It sort of has some blue undertones, do you see it, too?  It's your normal, perfect, China Glaze application. Zero issues, quick dry time, no dragging, no chipping.  I <3 C.G.!


Flash shot:


I love this but as I was digging around my stash box, I realized I have 3 other colors that are "similar but not the same" to this, LOL.  AND, since I've done this post, I also received China Glaze Escaping Reality, which looks pretty much identical to this in the bottle.  But anyway, before I got Escaping Reality, I did a China Glaze pink neon comparison post that I will publish TOMORROW!  

Hold your breath...okay, don't, but you'll see it soon! 


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

China Glaze Tantalize Me & Zoya Aurora

I've been on a China Glaze kick this week and that is NO coincidence! I love the formula.

Today I have Tantalize Me, with a Zoya Ornate Collection Aurora pinky.  Tantalize Me is immediatley one of my favorite polishes. Love the shimmer, the color, and the 2 coat flawless application.  In the bottle, it looks like it might go sheer but that is not the case at all!

Take a look:

I just adore this.  It's a lilac shimmer that is just so, so pretty.  Fave!  Shall we go a bit closer??


Here it is without a flash.  I would even say that this is work appropriate because it is such a soft color.  However, when the light hits it just right - hello shine!  I like the accent nail as well, the highlight and sparkle of Aurora matches the purple tones of Tantalize Me very well!  

What do you think??


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The Hardest Thing...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flash Your Tips Review: Static - Post 3 Of 3! (My Fave!! Black and Silver topcoat!)

Today I have my final review of Flash Your Tips polishes called Static.  This is my personal favorite!

Black and white glitters are one of my favorite combos...but silver and black?  Brilliant!  I do not own a single comparable polish.  This is an amazing addition to my stash!!!! You're going to LOVE it.


Here is Static over Sation Fan The Flames Fucshia, a bright creme polish.  You can see ALL the details in Static.  I see:

  • White large bar glitter
  • mini black bar glitter
  • mini black hex
  • a pink of small silver squares
  • a pinch of small black squares
  • white micro glitter!
LOVE this top coat!  This is two flawless coats of Static on each, with one coat of Seche to smooth things over:




I loove that combo.

Okay, next, here is Static over Wine & Roses by Tipsy Turvy Nails (two indies in one mani! Booyah small business support!!):




Pretty, right? I def like it better on Fan the Flames Fucshia, with no shimmer underneath.  I think the micro glitter and shimmers compete, but it is still a pretty accent.  Maybe another coat of Static would've helped, but I am going to hoard this little bottle until I get a full size bottle.

Head over to Flash Your Tips:

As I mentioned before, she is still a fairly new seller, so her prices are so worth trying this formula - $7 for fullsize and $3 for minis.  You need to hussle on over there!!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I have!  If you pop over to visit Rachel, tell her My Boyfriend Hates Makeup sent you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Flash Your Tips Review: Griswold Family Christmas - Post 2 of 3!

Prepare yourself for this square sparkly little number - Griswold Family Christmas by Flash Your Tips!

Similar to Sparky (from Yesterday), GFC is slightly thick because it is chock full of glitter.  It has a white base with white and clear squares, and teal and dark blue mini hex.

Square glitter lovers and blue glitter lovers - this might have to move to your NEED list!

It is a really well-made polish and I think it looks amazing over the blues and greens shown below, China Glaze Man Hunt and NYC New York Color Mint Macaroon.

Let's take a peek!! First, over Mint Macaroon:




And then over China Glaze Man Hunt so you can see the blue glitters a little better:


And with my Shelby girl :)


You can find Flash Your Tips on:

Come back tomorrow for my personal favorite of the three, a silver and black glitter BOMB called Static.

Dream While You're Awake

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giveaway Now Live!!!

I was lucky enough to partner with Nicole, a new indie polish maker and owner of All That Glitters for the BEST giveaway ever on this site!!

Here are the prizes!


Click HERE to enter, and to fulfill a contest entry, comment on THIS blogpost :)

Flash Your Tips Review: Sparky - Post 1 Of 3!

Today I have Sparky, by Flash Your Tips.  

Sparky is a clear based polish with two types of white and two types of red glitters, in circles and mini squares.  The formula is a tad thick but thats only because it is JAMMED full of glitters! You literally need one coat over your choice of a base to get the look below.

All three of my FYT polishes have quick dry times and need only 1 coat of Seche to smooth things over.

Here is 1 generous coat of Sparky over Maybelline Bold Gold:




Next, I wanted to do a dark green but realized I don't have one (except for Zoya Logan, which wasn't going to work well) so I put it over two Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear colors: Mint Sorbert and Pacific Blue. My thumb, if you can see that, has butterLONDON Pillar Box Red:


20121123_123830 - Copy

This is cute, right?  It has circles and squares, big and small. Something for everyone!  This would also make a great Valentine's Day topcoat over a pink!

You can find Flash Your Tips on:

AND - since she is a fairly new seller, her prices are a steal - $7 for fullsize and $3 for minis so hussle on over there!!

Tomorrow I will show you the gorgeous icy blue Griswold Family Christmas!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Limited Edition!!

Flash Your Tips!! Teaser Post Featuring: Static, Griswold Family Christmas, and Sparky

The lovely Rachel, behind Flash Your Tips, was awesome enough to send me three review polishes to show you!  You're going to LOVE these!


-Sparky: Description from etsy: "Sparky is an amazing red and white glitter packed polish. Named after the hilarious Clark Griswold, 
Sparky boasts two types of white glitter and two types of red."

-Griswold Family Christmas: Description from etsy: "This is an amazing mixture of blue glitter in a clear base. There are matte white, matte baby blue, and blue glitters."

-Static (my FAVE): ....I don't see it on her etsy page, but I hope it gets there soon!  Static has silver and black hexes, bigger white bar glitters, smaller black bars, and a super fine shimmer though-out.  It is my favorite of the three, by far, and can be used ANY time of the year perfectly.  Perhaps that's why it's not on her page now??

I will show you the GROUP SHOT today.

Tomorrow I'll show you Sparky, on Monday I will show you Griswold Family Christmas, and on Tuesday, when we are all back to work and back to our normal routines, I will show you my favorite, Static!

Here is what's coming up!

First, Sparky over Maybelline Bold Gold:


Griswold Family Christmas over China Glaze Man Hunt:


Last but NOT least: Static!  This is Static over Fan The Flames Fucshia by Sation:


Love all of these, especially Static!  Can't wait to roll these out to you over the next few days!

To get Flash on YOUR tips, follow them:  

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Femme Fatale Lacquers Mirror Mirror Mattified!

Today is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!!!!!  I wanted to show an indie today in support of small businesses.  I am trying to buy more indies, regardless of the day, because I not only find most indies to be more unique, but I would also rather support a small business or single group of people who are making a living and who LOVE what they do!  With Cynthia's amazing colors at Femme Fatale, you can tell she loves what she does!!!  So, today, I have my first Femme Fatale Lacquers to show you: Mirror Mirror! 

Mirror Mirror is described as: "MIRROR MIRROR - Inspired by Snow White. Clear base with black, gold, red and blue hex glitters." 


Bottle shot:


 Beautiful, right? I didn't want to drown out any of the colors, and I wanted to try out a newly acquired China Glaze, so I used two coats of Bahamian Escape, just ONE flawless coat of Mirror Mirror on my accent nail, and two coats of butterLONDON's Matte.


What do you think?

 Personally, I LOVE the results! I have another Femme Fatale coming soon!
 You can purchase Femme Fatale's HERE!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Labels Are For Jars!

My First November Ipsy/My Glam Bag: I'm Impressed!

I love monthly subscription kits!!

I have tried BirchBox and discontinued that.  I am still a Beauty Army subscriber, and now I am a Ipsy/My Glam Bag fan, too!

Here is the November Ipsy bag:

  • Cute cosmetic pouch
  • Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Millionaire
  • theBalm eyeshadow in Matte Batali
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss
  • Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel
  • Starlet Cosmetics Intense Eyeliner in Black

This month's theme was "Party Perfect" and overall, I am really happy with this month's bag.  I am already looking forward to next month!


Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Millionaire.  The color is cute BUT it is bar glitter, which is NOT my bff.  I plan to use this in an upcoming giveaway, so it could be yours!


theBalm eyeshadow in Matt Batali.  This is a matte mushroom color that will make a good small add in to a giveaway or I may keep and use it as a liner instead of a black.


Bare Minerals Moxie lipgloss in a festive raspberry color:


Chella Eyebrow Defining gel was the only disappointing sample.  It was either this or Benefit's Their Real, which is my FAVORITE, never going to use anything else ever, mascara.  I would've loved another one of those, even a mini.  I won't use this gel because I have the world's thinnest eyebrows. I swear! Ugh!

Let's not even talk about it.  Moving on.


Lastly, Starlet Cosmetics intense eyeliner in Black. I am glad I got the black, I wouldn't have used another color.  I am picky!!




You can sign up for ipsy here: IPSY SIGN UP and it is $10 per month.  The bags ship randomly in the middle of the month, which is a little lame if you're OCD like me and like to stalk...I mean TRACK...your packages as they head to you.

This month's samples were totally worth the $10, in my opinion.  Although I plan to giveaway or swap a few of the items, they were still high quality, large sized samples!  I def suggest checking it out.

If you have a sample company you love, leave it in the comments!
Lacey C.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Mani! Show Me Your Claws! Zoya & Lynnderella

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my US readers!  I know a lot of you did very traditional Thanksgiving themes, like turkeys and pumpkins and little cowboys or whatever, but I am no where near that talented!

I couldn't decide what to do but was texting with my girl JLynn at Hello, Lacquer, and she mentioned maybe using a Zoya Ornate.  Bingo!!  She actually swapped those with me, so it was a perfect idea.  I grabbed Zoya Blaze, which applies flawlessly in two coats, one coat of Lynderella's Love, Lace, and Lilacs, and two coats of Seche Vite.

Here are the results:




Soo, what did you do?  Show me on Facebook or instagram!!

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