Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zoya Meadow & A Fabulous Fish Tail Accent

I snagged this gorgeous dusty, golden, shimmer, rose color, Meadow, during Zoya's BOGO in September, and I am really glad I did.  What a gorgeous color!  It is pastel enough for spring, strong enough for summer, dusty enough for fall, and shimmery enough for a winter holiday mani.  Can you tell I am a smidge obsessed with this shade!?!?

I didn't want to do much to distract from this color, but who can deal with a simple solid mani these days? Accent nail to the rescue!

I had seen this Fishtail Braid tutorial on Lucy's Stash a while ago and emailed myself to remember to try it later.  I wanted to stick with metallics to pick up the golden tones in the rose pink, so I used Zoya Goldie and a silver by Spoiled.

Go to: Lucy's Stash to see this and a few other tutorials.  She literally has numbered steps - she has made it as user friendly as possible!

Warning - photo heavy because I am proud of myself!! I love the fishtail braid and it's simple to do.  Very work friendly as well!
See the gold underneath?

A little bit closer now...
And a little bit closer now...Not too shabby, eh?

Shelby and Kenzo say hello!

If you try this look, come on over to My Boyfriend Hates Makeup on Facebook and show me how it came out, I'd love to see it!!


  1. You used such perfect colors for the accent nail! The golden shimmer in Meadow is amazing, and it matches wonderfully with Goldie.


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