Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sephora By OPI Havanna Dreams Perfectly Matches Examination Blue Books!!

When I was on the search for a perfect light blue, I found this from a blog sale from Nail Polish Required.  I bought a few and I think she tossed this one in, I forget since I've bought a few polishes from her now.  Anyway, this isn't a new shade but it's just a pretty light blue creme, a staple to any collection.  It is a really milky blue and is opaque in two coats.

I was inspired from this picture, which was one of the Spring 2012 Contributions from Temptalia.  The person in the photo did a muuuch better job than I did, and I changed the light pink flowers to Zoya Regan for a more mulberry, fall-like feel.

So, guess who was doing her nails when she should've been grading exams?  Once I got back to work, I noticed that this blue is a near perfect match to the blue examination booklets!  Oh, the irony!

What do you think of this color?  Do you own a light blue creme?


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