Friday, October 12, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Vs. NYC: 16 Hour - 5 Lip Stain Face Off!!


I can't wear glosses or lipsticks, especially while teaching, but lip stains are perfect for a hint of color without the buildup of other products.  If you're talking for 2 hours, you need a product that wont pill into the corners of your mouth!

I also love stains because I can try a color I wouldn't normally wear (like maroon!) and try it out.  Stains are buildable, so you can do a light wash of color, or a few layers for a deeper, more pigmented look.  If I decide I LOVE the color, I can add a vibrant gloss for a glossy finish.

I. Love. Lip stains!

From left to right:
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey Douce 001, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish Devotion 015, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain AND Balm in Passion, NYC Smudge Proof 16 Hour Stain in Champagne Stain 493, NYC Smudge Proof 16 Hour Stain in Berry Long Time 498

The two Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains...Cherish on top, Honey bottom.  Both are like a crayon and have a shinnier finish than most stains
Revlon Stain and Balm is double ended w/ a clear balm on the other end and a marker-topped stain.  This is in the middle, the third from bottom, and has a more flat, stain like finish
NYC Champagne Stain, to the left of the shadow
NYC Berry Long Time, swatch closest to product
L to R: Cherish Devotion, Douce Honey, Passion, Champagne Stain, Berry Long Time 

Top to Bottom: Berry Long Time, Champagne Stain, Passion, Douce Honey, Cherish Devotion
Since this is a FACEOFF, let's talk about the winner!

I dislike the glossy crayon finish of the Revlon Balm Stains and the other Revlon is not pigmented as much as the NYC stains, although the paper towel swatches really look like they throw that off.
NYC is truly pigmented, smudge proof, and for $5.49 compared to $7.49 - $8.99 for Revlons, I declare NYC the winner!

Are you a stain fan??  Which brands have you tried!?!

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  1. I have been a long time fan of lip stain. I'm clumsy and mildly hyper so I tend to drink a lot of water.. Which will get gloss out stick all over my face.. Yeah.. I'm that girl.. My mom got me a Stilla purple-esque stain when I was 13 and going thru a "dark stage" and have been hooked. I have plenty stains. From just bitten (not the crayon style) to CG, kat von d, sephora, ulta.. You name it and I have a brand of stain! For sure going to hunt NYC. as the pricey ones stay on longer.. As in DAYS. they're all the same as long as theyre like a felt tip marker style. <3 thanks for the input on NYC!

    1. Ally, you're welcome! NYC is def my fave cheapy brand. I do know a few people who have had issues with the NYC Stains disappearing super quick, but I got about a 4-6 hour wear. I know the colors I tried above are good ones!

      Whats your favorite sephora-level stains?? Now that I am super hooked I feel like I can make investments into more expensive ones since I know Ill use them!

  2. I'm obsessed with those darn Revlon balm stains, ohemgee! I even have my brother keeping an eye out for shades I want ;)

    1. I haaate the one with the balm. Your babygirl might be getting another marker to draw with!! LOL

  3. I think my Stilla stain is my favorite. I haven't seen them in a while because I rarely get to shop these days. I'm not even sure they still make it? But my favorite trick for stain before buying- do stripes on your hand, and see how long they take to come off thru the course of a day.. I believe at one point I had found one that took 3 days (even with showering ect.) To come completely off. Though I could still kinda see the stripe! I'll ask my mom if she recalls which stain that was

    1. Stila does still make a lipstain and the colors look great. I know what my next splurge purchase is. Thank you :)


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