Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Beauty Army Box!!!

I have been a Beauty Army subscriber since they first began in January 2012! Beauty Army is a $12 per month subscription sample service, similar to Glossy Box or BirchBox or one of those.  BA is unique because it lets you take a quiz, every month if you'd like, to get a listing of 9 samples. You choose 6 or let them choose and they show up about 10 days later in a fabulous little box.

If you're interested, my link for an invite is here: Click Here!

This month, my box was pink and I received the following samples:
-Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Shower Gel, 3oz
-Suntegrity BB Cream sample in light
-SKYN ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
-SKINN COSMETICS - Twin Set, lipgloss and lipstick in Pink Tulip - Full size!! 
-Immuno Viva Sunrise Tea
-You Da Balm - Lipbalm in coconut - Full Size!

The box with all the samples!
B&BW Pink Chiffon Shower Gel - 3oz
Sunrise Tea-not sure why I chose this, but it tastes great!
Skyn Iceland Eye Gels
Suntegrity BB Cream
YouDaBalm in Coconut, one of my fave scents!
Skinn Twinset in Pink Tulip
Unfortunatley, another blogger friend had a broken lipstick.  Mine was turned up to smooth the tip, which is more annoying than anything.
The gloss, with flash
Swatched on my hand - lipstick on top, gloss on bottom
The twin set is sheer and does have a very fruity smell, but on me, I reeeeally like the color!  The lipstick is moisturizing the and gloss isn't sticky at all.

I'm not sure why I chose a tea sample but I am glad I did! The tea is fragrant and quite yummy.  YouDaBalm in coconut is really lovely and not waxy at all.  I may give the shower gel away or use it for traveling over Christmas. The Pink Chiffon scent is perfectly girly, def something I'd use.  The eye gels I will probably give away or add to the traveling sample box of a group I am in.

After skipping a couple months of Beauty Army, I am happy to be back.  My selection window was great and I am looking forward to next month already!

If you want to sign up, go to: Beauty Army Referral Link!

Happy selecting :)


  1. lol at your tea packet ;) I didn't even know they had those!

    1. So random, right? But its actually amaaaazing fruity tea!! I love it!


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