Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York Color: Golden Glam Review

Thanks to the kindness of internet friends, I was able to get Golden Glam, below, and Peach Glam from a mini collection from NYC, New York Color.  I've already complained about 7,295 times that I can't find new releases by NYC around here, so I'll spare you with that rant again....Maybe.

This is two coats of Golden Glam, a reddish, copperish, uber sparkly shade that I can see being a year round color.  You can see some VNL, visible nail line, on my pinky so I probably should've done a third coat.

NYC Golden Glam

Bottle shot!
Bow - failed attempt!
When I posted this on Instagram, someone said it reminded her of Spoiled's Shrimp on the Barbie.  Looking at the swatches from Imperfectly Painted, SotB looks a lot more pink to GG's orange/copper base.

I love NYC Cosmetics and will continue to complain/hope that they come to north Texas soon!

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