Friday, October 5, 2012

Nars Ratin Jot Meets Naild'It Boomberry Blast!

Whoops!  Well, my tease of yesterday's Naild'it Unique Nail Polish probably didn't go anywhere...since I gave you the wrong name! *Facepalm.* Sorry, I've been busy with school and my brain gets mushy sometimes.

Anyway, the correct name is Boomberry Blast.  It's a clear base with black bar glitter, white and black micro glitter, larger magenta glitters, and a scattering of black squares.  I added it on just an accent nail and then a coat of NYC Matte.
NARS Ratin Jot, to refresh your memory!
It's similar to Lynn's Connect the Dots (which you know I loove) but with pink.  That is pretty much heaven for me!

More Photos!!

An extra dash of pink with Glittoris
And then a coat of matte to finish it off.
 What do you think of this combo?

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