Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nars By Thakoon Ratin Jot - A New Staple Color For Me

Here is just a short post of a pretty plummy pink.  It's a past collection and very summery, I know you've seen it before, but it's still lovely.

Check this out and check back in tomorrow for an addition of Berry Blast By Nail'It Unique Nail Polish!

Creamy, bright, lovely
Smooth formula!
 Love this color!  NARS formulas, the few I've tried, are opaque in two coats.  The first of this seemed a little streaky but a second coat and a swipe of Seche fixed that right up.  I know I'll pick this color up again and again.  NARS prices are not my normal range, but for colors I know I'll wear often, I can definitely justify the purchase.  This is a creamy formula, a perfect orchid-like color, and it's just delightful!


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