Monday, October 1, 2012

Mao-Nicure Monday & Max Factor Fantasy Fire!!

It's been a while since I did a Mao-Nicure Monday...which is a fancy way of saying that I decided to take pictures instead of defend myself while my Siamese rescue cat, Mao Carmello Anthony Roberson, was ripping me to shreds.  This happens daily.  If you have a Siamese or have been around one, this needs no further explanation.

I was able to score a mini Max Factor Fantasy Fire from Claudia, Holographic Hussy, and all around lovely person.  For some reason, Max Factor is banned in the US and I am just too lazy to google and find out why.  Actually, let me Google that for you, in case you're wondering:

Let Me Google That For You!! LOL, had to do it.  What did you find out??

Fantasy Fire is one of the Dodo Birds of the nail polish world, especially in the United States.  I was psyched to snag a mini and get my first international nail mail!

On with the show:
Obligatory bottle shot! Sexy, isn't it??
No flash, outside, with a Stripe Rite reverse french

Are you surprised there are MAOR PICS????

Inside, no flash...still purty

 Aaand the Mao!  She's actually licking me in a few of these...I cherish these rare, precious moments of love from Satan's spawn.

She looks a little goofy here, but again, love moments are RARE.

Love this little Dodo Bird (not Mao) and I am glad to have this in my collection!

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