Sunday, October 28, 2012

Connecticut Haul!! Barielle, Sation, Maybelline Holiday 2012

From Oct 18-23, I went home to Connecticut to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  On Friday, I went shopping with my Grandmother to TJ Maxx, hoping to find a few polishes.  For some unexplainable reason, the TJ Maxx near me in Texas has ZERO polish or makeup. Zero. Otherwise, it is a gigantic and packed store, but it has NO polish. It boggles the polish-obsessed mind!

Anyway, I also wanted to make sure to go to Rite Aid, because there are none in Texas.  Rite Aid carries my favorite inexpensive line, NYC New York Color, but I didn't find anything I really wanted other than a nice neutral.  However, I was happy to find the Maybelline Sequin Holiday 2012 line, which I haven't seen anywhere else yet.

Here is what I found!
At TJ Maxx I got Barielle Jewelie Box, Barielle Blackened Bleu, and Sation Fuschia Fever.  I got a sweater in the exact berry shade is the Sation polish.  I've never heard of the brand but I loved the bright color!

At Rite Aid I found the Maybelline Sequins in Sapphire and Rose and an NYC tan shimmer.  Both are super sparkly!  The teal looked remarkably like Peacock Scquak from Perception Lacquer that I got recently, so I didn't feel the need to get it.  I love certain brands, like Maybelline, but I'd always rather support a small indie brand!

The eye candy!!
TJ Maxx score
Love all of these!
What have you picked up lately??

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Lacey C.

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