Monday, October 29, 2012

butterLONDON Rosie Lee Vacation Nails!

When I went to CT for vacation, I didn't bring ANY polish with me.

Okay, you can breathe again.  But I am serious.  I didn't bring any polish on vacation!  LOL!  I did buy some to bring home though, that's for sure, but I traveled light so I could shop there.

The moral of the story is that before I left, I needed to do a mani that would last for a few days, look sparkly, and chip as little as possible.

I recently swapped butterLondon Royal Navy with Rosie Lee from the fabulous Amy of Perception Lacquer (currently on break), and I knew Rosie Lee would be the perfect vacation choice!

My ring finger has Perception Lacquer's Save The Tata's, which was a Oct 2012 fundraising polish.

I am a magpie!  Sparkly, high quality polish is a favorite of...well, pretty much everybody, right?!!?

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