Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zoya Gaia: A Vibrant White!

Every collection needs a vibrant, dependable white to use as a base for showing off glitters and holos.  However, finding that perfect white is a tough task!

During Zoya's Back To School BOGO offer, I scooped up Gaia, a white cream with a fine gold shimmer.  I decided to get a polish with shimmer instead of a pure white because I figure if I am using it to layer glitters, why not start with a shimmery base?


Ahem, let me calm down for a moment, LOL.  Anyway, here is Zoya Gaia topped with Seche Vite.  Accent nail is Essie Luxe Effects Set in Stones and then the photos with extra shimmer have a coat of Stila's Icicle.  I was going to sell it but I am glad I decided not to do that.  Take a look and see why!

2 coats Zoya Gaia, ring finger with Essie Set in Stones

See my middle finger there?  The bumpiness is my nail bed itself, not the polish. #problemswithpeelingnails!
It needed more shiiiiine!

Love this angle

What is your perfect white polish?
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  1. This seems really sheer. I've been looking for a white jellyish polish for layering. Do you think this would work?

    1. Danielle, Essie Marshmellow was recommended to me as the perfect white jelly!!

  2. It is sheer, but it's not jellyish to me...Let me check out a few other options and get back to you. :)


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