Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zoya Fall 2012: Paloma The Transforming Jelly!

Yesterday I showed you a fall cheapie I picked up, Sinful Colors Rain Storm, which is a pretty blue cream.  While it looks nice on it's own, I couldn't resist adding a liiiiittle something to see what happened to the color.

To refresh your memory, Sinful Colors Rain Storm by itself.
I picked up Zoya Paloma from the new Fall 2012 collection.  Most of the Fall colors are way, way too dark for me, but I figured a cranberry jelly would be a decent investment.  I can layer it over light and dark colors to transform how each looks...hence the title, Paloma the Transforming Jelly!

First, the eye candy in the bottles:
Bottle Shots!
Loove the results!  Zoya Paloma is on my ring and index fingers, SC Rain Storm alone on my middle finger to compare.  This is two coats of Paloma as it is a really sheer jelly.

Gorgeous, right?
More eye candy!

I loove how this transforms the SC Rain Storm underneath it.  Now I have a perfect Fall blue AND a rich, deep plum as well.  Jellys can almost be thought of as "investment polishes" if there IS such a thing (hey, I'm trying to justify our habits here, work with me!!), because they can be worn alone or layered over different colors.

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  1. I LOVE Rainstorm by itself...but I REALLY LOVE it with paloma on top,wow!

  2. I have both and will definitely be trying this combo!!!!

    1. Awesome, post a pic for me on FB if you do!! :)


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