Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shelby Nails!!! Decals by NailArtlicious

It has been an exciting week of nail mail!  First, I received a custom color named after My Boyfriend Hates Makeup - check it out!!

Second, I received custom decals!!!!  These decals are of my favorite four legged creature in the world, my Shiba Inu Shelby!  These came from Teena at Nail Artlicious, so if you check her out, tell her Lacey Sent You!!

I sent a picture of Shelby to Teena, and a couple others for her to choose from, and she surprised me with decals of three photos!

Check it out!!

I love it!
Of course, the non-decaled nails are Zoya Shelby!  It was meant to be.  I think I've ended every sentence in this post with an exclamation point because I love these decals so much.  They are water transferable and super easy to use.  I cut the image to the size of my nail, soak in water for 15 seconds, slide off the white backing and lay the image down.  I need to get better at smoothing them down but that'll happen with practice.  I plan to purchase quite a few more designs from Teena, they came fast, were inexpensive, and are personal and unique!

A few more shots!

All 3 designs
Thank my cat for those scratches...
So sweet!
Thanks again to Teena.  Check her out on Facebook at Nail Artlicious!!

Who / what would you wear on your nails? Babies? Pets?


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