Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mis-Matched Mani - Do Not Repeat!

Sometimes I know exactly what color I want on my nails and other times, I don't!

This time, I had no clue what I wanted and it shows in the finished product...I won't be doing this combo again!  First, I tried Golden Glam, a NYC quick dry which a lovely reader found for me!!  I LOVE NYC New York color but there is no where around me in North Texas that carries new or current products!!  (IF any NYC staff happens to read this, can we work on that!?!?)

Anyway, by itself, NYC Golden Glam is pretty.  Here are two coats with no topcoat:

I should've just left it alone......but who can just leave it alone?  If we could just leave manis alone as a solid color, would we have become nail bloggers? Proooobably not, I betcha.  Anyway, I added a couple coats of Naild'It Unique Nail Polish in Muddy Buddies....See below....

Not so good, eh?
More of this monstrosity here...

No better outside...
By itself, Muddy Buddies is soo pretty, a clear base with copper and brown glitters.  The problem is that my base is copper as well, so the copper glitters just got lost, leaving this salt and pepper look.  I don't know...maybe I am being too harsh?  I am so used to feminine, pinky looks that maybe I am being too mean to this combo?

Tell me what you think!  Repeat, or do NOT repeat in the future??

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  1. Tbh, I really kind of dig it! It's definitely for Halloween though, and probably only for then unless you're a Halloween fanatic like me.lol


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