Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mini Black And White Glitter Comparison: Sonnetarium Vs. Lynnderella

If you're active in nail polish social media, you know about the drama with Lynderella, eBay, and Llarowe.  I'm not going to get into it here!  Suffice to say, I do not plan to buy Lynns in the future.  I sold all of mine except for two because a) I love them, and b) they are fairly used anyway.

One of those two is Connect the Dots.  I purchased it at $15 per bottle (a WHILE ago!!), which was steep but justifiable for what I thought was super unique.  I found Chalkboard Nails super, mega, ultra black and white glitter comparison post in the hopes of finding a dupe.

After searching through all 28 sparkling options on the post, I chose Sonnetarium's Samurai Princess.  The bottles come in a 9ml container at $6 each and it was definitively worth a shot to try it.  I also picked up Never Glow Up, which I showed you before.

The pink is China Glaze Pink Plumeria with Samurai Princess, the lilac is NYC Lavender Cupcake with Connect the Dots.

Pretty spot on, huh?!?
Pink Plumeria with SP, Lilac Cupcake with CtD

Bottle shots!
I'd say this is a dead ringer for CtD and I plan to re-purchase Samurai Princess! The ONLY difference is there is not a fine shimmer running through SP, but the difference is so negligible.  

Check out Sonnetarium on etsy!  The winner of this comparison post is def Sonnetarium! FTW!


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