Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cosette's Cosmetics: Queen of Hearts - From the Alice in Wonderland Collection

Alice in Wonderland is probably one of my favorite stories/movies/whatever they make, I'll check it out.  Cosette's Cosmetics is a vegan indie cosmetics store on etsy, and the owner, Jennifer, is a friend of mine.  When she came out with an Alice in Wonderland inspired collection, I knew I had to try one out!

PS: She also makes an amazing finishing powder.  When it comes back in the shop, I am going to stock up because I am almost out.  It is a pared down, easier on the skin formula and less drying than any other finishing powder I've tried. And in my quest to look matte, porcelain, and perfect, I've tried a TON of finishing powders.  Support small business, bitches!! :)

This is Queen of Hearts, a deep burgundy shimmer.  It is a shadow but also lip safe! How cool is that?  I can imagine using this as a lip color over the holidays, it would be perfect with a black dress and simple eyes for a Christmas party or something.  I need to get you lip pics soon, it looks great!

For now, check it out on my eyes:

With Flash

 The site describes it as:
"Bold and burgundy with flecks of gold, Queen Of Hearts is stunning on the lids or lips! The best part is that it is completely vegan! Red hues are almost never vegan, so this is a special treat for those ladies vying for a dramatic shade. "

I totally agree.  It is bold, striking, and a super intense shade!  I love it because I own nothing like it and because of the name.

 Check out Cosette's Cosmetics HERE and tell them Lacey sent you!

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