Thursday, September 27, 2012

Butter London: Bluey Review & Coterie Haul!

Have you signed up for Coterie yet?  It is another shopping site, like or, but it groups items together to give you a really good deal!

If you need an invite, Click Here to get started and (last I knew), zoereport would get you an additional discount on your first purchase!

The first deal I heard about was for butter LONDON - 3 colors and a matte topcoat for $36.  At $14 an up retail, that comes to $56, so that already made this a good deal.  With the 'zoereport' code, I was able to get $25 off and another code worked for free shipping, bringing this butter LONDON down to $prettymuchirresibistble.

The "catch" if you can even call it that, was that there were only 6 or so colors to choose from.  One of the 6 was the only BL I already own, All Hail The Queen, which I snagged from a blog sale.  I chose the ones below - Knackered, West End Wonderland, Bluey, and the matte top coat.  Later re-stocks of the deal offered a regular topcoat, but I am glad to get a matte. I am halfway through my NYC Matte so I needed a replacement anyway.
Knackered, West End Wonderland, Bluey, Matte
 To be honest, I thought I would like Bluey the least and would immediately toss it on my blog sale. Turns out, it is my favvvorite one!  After seeing a few people's swatches, I knew I would love it and was eager to try it.

Two flawless coats later, a coat of Seche Vite, and the beautiful results are below!

This blue is stunning. It's got an amazing depth, sheer sparkles throughout, and is just beautiful.  At the price point, I wont amass a huge BL collection, but I am psyched to grab one (or three) when an amazing deal comes along!

Do you like Butter LONDON? Which do you have in your collection?

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