Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swatches of Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Collection Ephemeral and Sakura Matsuri Namesake!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

This is technically my last "free" weekend before school starts on the 28th, but I have only one class and reduced hours at my other job, so I hope/think/want to continue blogging as much as I can!

I showed bottle pics of the gorgeous Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri collection, but that's never good enough! You need to see it on, too!!

I used a basecoat by Orly and 2 coats of NYC Lincoln Square Lavender.  I loove this, but I don't see Lavendar at all.  I see a dusty, rose colored pink and I adore it.  NYC an inexpensive drugstore brand but super hard for me to find!  I am not sure why but there are no Rite Aid's around me and none of the stores listed on their site as sellers actually have anything recent or new. AAH!  Luckily, thanks to the awesomeness of web strangers, I was able to snag the entire NYC City Sweets Collection (thank you, Karen!) and I also have a couple of their shimmery shades on the way, too (thank you, Becky!).

Alright, on with the prettiness!

First, I did the NYC Lavender w/2 coats, quick dry, got to love it.  Then I added Sakura Matsuri Namesake on my ring finger.  I actually sent it down the road to a friend who loves it much much more...I didn't really read the descriptions and I purchased them on my phone...I'm NOT a flower girl!!  There are cute, large blossoms in pink and white. Cuuuute, but not ME at all.  I knew that my friend would love it more and I'm sure she'll blog about it, too!

One coat of Sakura Matsuri Namesake
Two coats of Sakura Matsuri Namesake over NYC Lincoln Square you see lavender?  I do not but I adore this color!
If you're a flower fan, you'll love this!
The sparkles were flowing and I didn't need to dab around to get a petal on the second coat.  Rainbow Honeys with glitter tend to be a little rough but a couple coats of SV (yes, I've joined the bandwagon and LOVE the stuff, I see why yall love it too) fixes that right up.

I wanted to try Ephemeral as well and I figured it was pretty sheer from looking at the bottle, so I put on a coat....and that was all I needed.  This was my first non-glittery RH.  It is a much thicker formula than I was expecting from Sakura Matsuri Namesake but not at all hard to work with.  Plus, it's soooo pretty!

Inside it has blue and purple shimmer!
Look at the sparkle!!

Just to see how well the NYC Lavender did, I did take a few pics with my thumb bare.
Perfect undies, right??!
What do you think of Rainbow Honey's latest creations?!

Rainbow Honey is available on their site:  The large size is $10, minis are $5 and shipping is fast and reasonable! Great company! <3

Thanks for stopping by!
Lacey C.


  1. sooo pretty. i picked up sakura the other day, cant wait to get it!!

    1. Link me to your post when you do! Love to see what others will pair with it!

      Im thinking of getting the reddish pink one, have you seen that? Looks gorgeous, too!


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