Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainbow Honey - Sakura 2012 Collection!

It's heeeere!
Rainbow Honey has released it's Sakura Matsuri collection!

It was juuust made available to the public on the 18th and you can view it/purchase here.

I purchased two full size bottles:

1. Ephemeral - light pink, shimmery, dusty, gorgeous

2. Sakura Matsuri Namesake - light pink base with blossoms of pink and white, shimmer throughout.

Aaaaaaand, because I love you all, I purchased a mini Ephemeral that will be part of my next giveaway! Make sure you're following me on Facebook for details!

Eye candy time!

Their packaging is so special, I love it!
Ephemeral left, Sakura Matsuri right
Bottle beauty, Ephemeral

These petals are substantial!  Sakura Matsuri Namesake

What do you think of these beauties?? Are you picking up anything from this new collection??


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