Monday, August 20, 2012

Orly - Pretty Please: Got to love Hautelook!!

Hautelook features Orly in July and I saw two beauties that I had to have!  I chose Pretty Please and Ancient Jade and to my pleasant surprise, they showed up only a week or so after I placed the order!

Pretty Please is a sheer, sheer, sheer pink polish.  I showed a grid photo of this a week or so ago because I was desperate to post SOMETHING, but those photos don't do complete justice for the polishes.  This is a light pink but has a very fine lilac shimmer throughout.  You can see it well on the bottle shot where the sun hits the bottle.

The finished product looks pretty opaque BUT it took WAY too long to get here!

I started with Orly basecoat and three coats of Pretty Please. Visible nail line drives me crazy, so I thought a coat of NYC Matte would cloud it up a little bit.

That wasn't good enough either, so I added a fourth coat of Pretty Please and a coat of Seche Vite topcoat, which gave me a shiny, glossy, finish.  Pretty, right? But way too time consuming.

Check out a couple of the finished product shots.  It is a shimmery, feminine pink.  I would suggest, in order not to use the entire bottle in 3 manis, that it be used as the base of a french manicure or something.  This is a seriously sheer formula.

Next time I use it, I will layer it over white!  I hope Ancient Jade is not this sheer!

What do you think of this color?  I hope I don't drive you crazy with the pinks and pastels!!

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