Friday, August 31, 2012

KB Shimmer Proud Peacock - Unique Indie Polish!

I decided to go ahead and purchase KB Shimmer's Berry Bash and Proud Peacock.  I "needed" BB after seeing it on Claudia's Holographic Hussy site, which I adore!  Go check her out (after you read this, LOL).

I also grabbed Proud Peacock after I looked up a few other swatches of available colors.  I am SO glad I did!!  Proud Peacock has a bright teal, greenish blue base and it is BURSTING with black, bright blue, white and pink glitters, with smaller pink and blue glitters AND white bar glitters.

Aah!  See that densely packed prettiness?!
For some reason, even looking at this amazingly stuffed bottle of glitter with some polish thrown in, I thought it needed something underneath.  I thought it might be...sheer.  OH SILLY ME!!  I'll show you just how wrong I was...but first, another NYC Cosmetics polish that matched this indie base PERFECTLY.

This is another one of the NYC City Sweets Collection (shout out to Karen!).  It is called Mint Macaroon.  Check the bottle shots!

MM is def greener but still..not a bad match!
So, here is the finished mani!  I used two coats of Proud Peacock and I adore the results!  I am not usually the biggest fan of blue but this is a gorgeous spring and summer color!  It's like a blue sky with summer flowers!

Actually, it looks sort of like the photo I took at my Grandmother's house in April!  Check this out!  (And sorry to keep you in suspense!)

Inside shots with flash, artificial light
Outside, no flash
Outside, no flash...still so glittery and gorgeous from far away!
Accent nail is Pretty & Polished Valentino...more on that later!
What do you think of KB Shimmer?

You can find her polishes on the website: KB Shimmer Bath and Body, and she makes all kinds of bath products, too.  I haven't tried anything but the polishes...but if those products are as good as this polish is, I am excited to try more!  A few polishes glow in the dark and there is an awesome variety of the colors of these polishes, I def suggest you take a look!  I know I am getting Splat ASAP, as soon as it's available.  After getting Pretty & Polished's Jawbreaker, I have a new love for white based polishes!

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